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  1. I contacted Metal Magic and asked if there would be any problem shipping overseas and was assured there is NO problem. There will be an import tax I guess call your Congress or something..? ('But then who will build mah'roads!?') Their preference would be to setup the account as a wire pay or CC and shipment on your FedEX or UPS account. Contact Mark at 800-851-4120 if you need to speak with someone. Metal Magic is an award winning die producer; I found the prices quite reasonable, production astoundingly fast, and product quality superb. Ship it overnight if it's needed like that. You eat soft rice. I'd be interested to know how much you all pay to consistently have $23 dies shipped into the USA from Hong Kong in a week or so... #boss #engraver
  2. http://www.metalmagic.com/ Support the USA.
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