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  1. 1CJK

    Cowboy CB3200

    Sorry I missed seeing your post till now. I still have it at the moment but someone came to try it out yesterday and said they want it. He said he had towait on some funds to clear and would pick it up Tuesday or Wednesday. If something falls through I will let you know. Thanks
  2. 4. Glock 42 9. Kahr PM9 These are the only two I have left. All others have been sold
  3. 1CJK

    Cowboy CB3200

    They are listed in the Supply and Harbware section. Thanks
  4. 2. Glock 26/27/33 SOLD 3. Glock 43 SOLD
  5. 1. Glock 19/23/32 SOLD 11. Sig P238 SOLD
  6. I have had several people pm me about buying certain ones. So at this point if there is a model you would like let me know. I can get about 4 molds in small flat rate box so if you buy more than one or more it will only be the one charge of $7.15 for shipping and If it is more than 4 molds I will pick up the difference on shipping if your in the lower 48 US.
  7. I was just made aware that I have a typo on #2. It is the 26/27/33 model. Also #11 is a Sig P238
  8. Sorry I forgot to put my location. I'm in Destin, Florida 32541
  9. I bought these Blue guns new back in February 2017. I was going to start a holster business and have since changed my mind. They all are Brand new and never used except for #6 in the list. it just has a little leather dye transfer from wet forming. I would like to sell all together. $385 plus free shipping in the lower 48. If I don't sell as a complete set after a couple of weeks i will sell them for $35 each plus $7.15 Flat rate USPS shipping. 1. Glock 19/23/32 2. Glock 26/22/33 3. Glock 43 4. Glock 42 5. S&W M&P 40c 6. S&W Shield M&P 9 7. S&W Bodyguard 380 8. S&W Bodyguard 380 with laser 9. Kahr PM9 10. Kimber Micro Raptor 380 11. P238
  10. 1CJK

    Cowboy CB3200

    I bought this leather sewing machine new in February 2017 from Solar Leather. I thought about starting a little leather holster business and have since changed my mind. It is in pristine condition. It comes with all the factory included accessories plus a spool of 277 white, 207 white, and 207brown thread, 2-10 pack of 200 and 180 needles, Belt makers kit (left and right presser foot and edge guide), all the paper work. I'm located in Destin, Fl 32541 $1600 I also have some Blue guns I will be posting shortly
  11. Then you will definitely appreciate this. I didn't even think about people who have had injuries or suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis when I developed it. Thank you for your interest!
  12. I have changed the process in which I manufacture these. It has reduced the time to make these in order to offer them at a more reasonable price point. I measured the required pressure need to lift the presser foot on my machine before installing the lever and it required 30lds of pressure. After installation it only required 8lbs. So in my case a 75% reduction in needed pressure. If anyone is interested they can easily be purchased through my eBay listing. Thanks http://m.ebay.com/itm/Presser-foot-pedal-assist-for-cylinder-type-and-other-heavy-duty-sewing-machines-/282417259355?hash=item41c161635b%3Ag%3ApM8AAOSwDmBY3xq9&_trkparms=pageci%3A98dcec72-17c9-11e7-b9ea-74dbd180b732%7Cparentrq%3A2fb4c52715b0a350d8edd747fffe4189%7Ciid%3A1
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