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  1. very great points I ended up getting a cheap 1 ton arbor press to start. purchased a set of brass stamps and a set of plates to attach onto the ram. I've got a heat gun too so i'm planning on just heating the stamp, put it in place, then press! hope that'll work. btw, where should i source some good quality gold foil? i got some from amazon and they are pretty terrible...adhesion is quite poor and the stamped regions don't have clean lines (flaky). Thanks!
  2. Thank you all. yea Ohio Travel Bag's hardware section is identical to Elf Hardware's.
  3. Anybody know where to buy solid brass hardware (in the U.S.) with finish like this (not antique)? O-, D- rings, swivels, etc. I'm checked out Weaver, Tandy, and Buckle Guy, but i'm especially drawn to those flat ones, look really high end to me. thanks!
  4. can you recommend a varnish @northmount? Thank you!
  5. Help~I tried spar varnish on a plywood mold that I got, but even after 48hr sitting outside on my porch the surface is still sticky. i sanded the surface before I applied the varnish with natural bristle brush , what's going on? also this varnish smells really bad...
  6. Thank you gigi! I do believe the bottom is opened as suggested by this other photo of the bag:
  7. Thank you all! I ended up grinding down my walking foot and added a piece of leather underneath it. The difference is so obvious! Now I just need more practice feeding with it I'm happy to say problem solved! thanks again.
  8. Thank you for the analysis. I've called up Sailrite and they also think what I'm describing may indicate the pedal control is faulty. I'm waiting for their technical specialist to call me back with the troubleshooting instructions. I will update again then.
  9. up to maybe 4? you think poor speed control has to do with the type of material I sew?
  10. Hi there, has anyone used either the Howard M150 or the M45 on leather? I had some brass types made that I want to use to stamp some gold foil onto veg tan leather. After doing some research online (this forum is awesome truly), I found this guide to be very informative. I however cannot tell Howard's M150 apart from the M45 aside from that the M150 has a foil feed. Insights are much appreciated as always a side question, if i don't heat up those stamps, is it as good as a regular arbor press or clicker (is this just a flat press instead of a post press?), or will those hot stamp systems won't have enough force to leave a good embossing? another side question...i read about die-cutting, seems like it will increase yield quite a bit if I choose to start selling on Etsy etc. where do I get dies made and I'd have to use a clicker then? Thanks a million and happy weekend!
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