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  1. My buddy and I had an idea to make an over-sized swing arm bag (big enough to hold his leather jacket and a few other things). We came up with an idea and then I headed off to the garage to make one. I started with a rough template I made. Late into the project I noticed a piece of the leather damaged that ended up on the flap Because of the way the bag expands I need to figure out a better way to secure it to the bike. I tested it the other day and the fit is nice, but the flap still needs some polishing. I would love to hear your thoughts on addressing this issue.
  2. Over the weekend I picked up a piece of leather and started monkeying around. No plans, no templates suddenly I decided to make a tool bag for my bike... I mean how hard can they be? ... HA! Actually it was really fun to figure things out "on the fly" and come up with solutions to problems that came up along the way. My first mistake was using 6-7 oz leather, i should have stated with 9-10 oz. To fix that I rode down to our local Tap Plastics shop and got a piece of acrylic for 5 bucks, then build a box for the inside. 2nd mistake the flap was too short so I added a middle piece of leather and another row of stitching to make it look... well planned. I had to get creative with where to place and insert the rivets, but all in all what a fun little weekend project.
  3. I'm really new to leather crafting and experimenting with some simple coloring techniques, I was wondering if anyone new how to get this look?
  4. Thanks everyone for the generous comments. As for the Willie G. skull, I used a laser etcher I got on Amazon for about $60 bucks awhile back. I tried it on some test scraps of leather and it worked. Actually come to think about it, I do have a cool HD leather jacket that has some road-rash, but I cant bring my self to cut it for a wallet just yet . Since my last post I made another wallet just to try out some different patterns and ideas. I'd really like to get my skills up to do something like this, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/820569994575962924/ so if anyone can give me pointers, it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. My first attempt at a biker style wallet. I'm only a couple months into the whole leather crafting and really enjoying it. I learned a lot from this project.
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