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  1. It might make sense for you to order belt blanks?
  2. You need a speed reducer and/or servo motor if want great speed control
  3. Hmmm, that surprises me. One of the reasons I would consider BK is that I would expect all required was stropping. How did you sharpen, isn't the blade shank nonstandard? Will it fit the typical swivel blade fixture?
  4. I agree with you completely and I have come to understand the blade is the most important part of the equation. Thanks for your help!
  5. I understand the pride of ownership and being in a "I want vintage" frame of mind but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around paying 6.00 for a Craftool plain pear shader or 30.00 for a branded plain pear shader. Please enlighten me. This is not sarcasm.
  6. Thanks, TugadudeI need to hear from someone that has used the BK knives and Tandy's better knives, as I mention the Tandy knife is the only quality unit I have held beside the cheapo knives you see for sub 10.00 everywhere. I would hate to buy the easy route of the Tandy for 58.00 including blade to find out the BK was better in some substantive way. I am obsessive compulsive about buying only once. I will pay whatever I need to pay but not one penny more. What do you use TUG
  7. Thanks, K They look very nice and add a new wrinkle to the equation. Cradle length. Which I'm seeing as barrel length. Plus adjustable overall length version, non-adjustable version. 109.00 each ouch!!! and that is with no blade.
  8. Tandy is the only knife I have held. The substantial feeling was good.
  9. Could someone explain how and if the Barry King swivel or other High Swivel knives are better than (exclusive of the blade), the downside of BK or any other specialty brand as I see is they use non-standard blade shanks? Tandy Leather Craftool Pro Swivel Knife-Large 82009-02 exclusive Thanks in advance. Richard
  10. I played with the better Tandy swivel knives today. The large one and the small one. Felt fine I can't imagine exactly what else one would need/want. Maybe finer steel in blades if these do not retain edge but what else?
  11. http://www.outfitterssupply.com/Replacement-Anvil-for-CS-Osborne-155-Revolving-Punch/productinfo/WLF155-A/
  12. Will I be able to fit Barry King blades in these? https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170219153645&SearchText=swivel+knife
  13. I look at C.S. Osborne #444 Plain Swivel Knife at 18.50 including a straight 3/8" blade and got to wonder what separates the sizzle from the steak.
  14. Thanks, Richard, do you have a preferred brand of blade. I have noticed the diameter of the blades is not standard from brand to brand. If that matters?
  15. I'm thinking based on the research I have done, the blade is the most important part of a swivel knife. What brand is a decent no-nonsense handle? I need to buy a couple, maybe 3 to accommodate a variety of blades rather than buy one expensive one and swap blades. I am suffering information overload and I see prices from 14.00 to 200.00. Could someone bring sanity to this for me.
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