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  1. Not old news at all, no apologies necessary any help i can get is greatly appreciated. Im trying to visualize what your saying, im really rusty so its taking alot of effort to fig this out. Shoot the sling pattern went through 4 design changes before i was happy with it lol
  2. Im actually thinking of scrapping the idea of this elk, looking for an alternative pic now.
  3. Found this pic id like to carve but when i trace it the face doesn’t look right, any tips to make it work for a sling?
  4. Which one is the short strap the top or towards the muzzle end
  5. Its more of an adjustable strap. I know its long, but i don't have anything to go by to shorten it up yet.
  6. I spent the weekend making my sling pattern, then coming back and changing it. I finally came up with a pattern I really like. My question is to allow for plenty of adjustment I figure its 72 in long, should I try and get one piece for the whole thing or make it in two pieces and sew it together? Im a beginner, I haven't done a leather project in a long time so just getting started
  7. Im looking to make a nice leather sling for a very nice hunting rifle I've had for 30 years now. My question is what is used for the padding in a padded sling?
  8. I am actually more worried about the leather rubbing the finish off when placed in or pulled out of the scabbard. Just looking for a softer material to line the inside
  9. Well I'm trying to upload a pic of a holster that I have that I can use as a pattern. It won't upload saying it's to large and I can't figure out how to change it. This holster was made as a cross draw for this gun it'll take a little tweaking in the pattern but think it will work Got it finally lol
  10. Since writing the last post I've been trying different angles for a cross draw. I've carried a gun in a lot of jobs throughout my adult life always on the strong side, I think I'm going to still with a strong side holster since it just more natural for me. Just have to figure out how to lower the carry height
  11. I first carried this gun in a cross draw but didn't like the angle. It restricted my leg unless I wore pulled over on my side in which case it was hard to reach. If it was more parallel to the belt it would work great. It would also be able to be worn in my truck.
  12. Found a picture off the net that would up load of the current holster
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