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  1. Thanks for the info. fyi, I did try searching for barge alternative and didn’t find anything. I will try glue and adhesive though.
  2. Is there an effective glue that one can use without needing to apply outside or is not as dangerous to use inside?
  3. Getting ready to try this for the first time. Is it best to dilute with water first or wet the leather and apply full strength? How many coats is normally needed?
  4. Should oil dye always be diluted 50/50 with reducer and then several coats applied?
  5. Just received my edge kote and instructions say to burnish before using. Problem is if I burnish with gum trag, won't this prevent the leather from soaking up the edge kote?
  6. Would veg tan in 3/4 be about right for a fold over western holster in 8/9 veg tan?
  7. For burnishing, how much water should be mixed with tragacanth?
  8. It looks like pricking chisel size nomenclature is different from that of a overstitch wheel. Is there a rule of thumb for equivalency? For example, what size chisel would be similar to a number six overstitch wheel?
  9. Thanks guys. What about with a holster, knife sheath, or anything that is going to require wet molding? I'm thinking dye, stitch, wet mold, and then oil and finish. Is that about right?
  10. I just received a Will Ghormley pattern that suggests using olive oil. Anyone do this and how does it compare to neatsfoot oil?
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