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  1. Here's my first attempt at a stingy overlay on leather, I'm pretty happy with it, except the finish. I user satin sheen from Tandy, and after a full day of use, its dull and crappy looking. What do you guys like? Need something that's gonna stand up to abuse, but still look good. Any tips or comments welcome.
  2. This was quick and easy, I just left about 6 inches of it uncovered, and put her name on it. Kids really seem to like these!
  3. That makes sense, I didn't think about the horns being too big... I guess I'll have to look and see if I can find a piece I can afford, don't have the funds to just buy a whole gator hide yet. I'll check out the caimen too. Can you dye the caimen hydes that tandy has (they look like they are dyed already, but its a real light orange tan) would I have a problem dying it black or dark brown? Maybe I'll try a backstrap inlay duty belt, and find another way to attach pouches/ mag holder, etc (maybe chicago screw on belt loops so the can still move a little for comfort.
  4. That looks great, I'm thinkin I'm gonna tool the 5-6 inches on each side of buckle, otherwise the hornback might get uncomfortable, so I am thinking the stitching is gonna be a pita. Lol I wonder how well the groover will work on the backstrap...
  5. These are my first attempts at making a holster from scratch(the last few), I'm pretty happy with them, just working on practicing the finishing touches. Lol This is my very first, it was a tandy minimalist, and I've been wearing it daily for work (armored car) the last three months, and I love it (more than my galco holsters) This was my second kit for an xd: What do you guys and gals think? Its for an m+p 9mm. Here's a stingray overlay on a kydex holster I had laying around, stingray is a real pita to work with: Here is one I made for a raven with stingray grips: And here is my favorite, just made this yesterday, fits my g26 and g22, its inlayed with cobra skin: Now I just need some help figuring out how to do a belt/holster/mag pouch out of alligator backstraps. The belt is the one I'm really iffy about.
  6. Been thinkin about trying to do a belt and matching holster with alligator back straps, and was looking for some advice on the belt part. Its gonna be hand stitched, normally I use a 4 prong diamond punch from tandy, but the holes are gonna be kinda big. Thinkin I might have to break down and use the awl. Would you cut a stitch groove? Haven't done a belt yet, will probably just do a little practice on a blank to try to stitch straight, and see how hard it is to laminate the two pieces. Thanks!
  7. Ok, I've made a few holsters that I'm pretty happy with, just need some more practice getting the edges smooth and rounded. I'm working on an inlay and overlay, and was wondering if you guys and gals glue the skins on before or after wet molding. Is it the same of inlays and overlays? Thanks!
  8. Looks great, I have done a few of their minimalist kits for practice with tooling/stamping, and want to try an inlay now. Did you just cut another piece that would cover the edge of the skin and stitch that on the top? (Just the center portion, or whole face?) Thanks!
  9. I am a dealer for rings, blackhawk(their training guns are a bit cheaper) asp, and several other comapnies. If enough people are interested, we could try to set up a group buy(if thats allowed here)
  10. Well, here are the grips, finished. Tired of working on em... I polished the stripe thru the middle, and around the edge, and polished the edge till it was smooth and shiny. I used the edge area of the pelt, so I still have the nice area. Just out of curiousity, what would you charge someone to make a grip like that? I understand that these are not perfect, but they are my first attempt. Thanks!
  11. In post 5, I added an attachment to show the holster I would like. Any idea on the edge? How in the world do they get it like that? I am working on some stingray now, and just get white spots on it...
  12. How did you dress the edge? What did you use to dye it, and seal it? Here is a pic. I am still working on it. Just used the black part, the diamond is going on the holsted, and one on the mag carrier. Thanks, Jeff
  13. The problem is that it is going over a piece of plastic. I ended up taking clear epoxy, and going around the edge of the grip, covering the edge of the skin, and the plastic. When it cures, I will sand it down smooth, dye it black, and seal it to make it more glossy. For the holster, I would like to make it a full inlay.
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