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  1. Hi there, I'm just trying to test the water. I've got a juki lu563 that I'm considering selling. I replaced the old clutch motor with a new one from saltire. It also comes with a table. the ,machine is located in the Montreal Quebec area. would anyone be interested? k
  2. Yea, your right. I wasnt sure that there were other options but thanks for pointing it out. Im a sucker for deals and needed to run it past some level heads before making a decision. Thanks again! Haha you got me to actually laugh out lound. i think il take your advice and skip the tandy splitter. I was hopping to to up to 5 inch straps or flaps.
  3. Hey all. Ive been wanting to get man hands on a leather splitter for a while now. Ideally a landis handcrank would be amazing! Unfortunatley its not in my budget. So here is the dilema, Tandy is having a black friday sale in canada for the Craftool Deluxe Leather Splitter. Its only 270$ CAD instead of around 450$ (Buisness Price). I dont technicaly NEED it but i think it would help me broaden out my projects. So heres the question. Is it a good idea to jump on this deal? Thanks for your input.
  4. Hey, i havnt made a buisness out of this but i generaly dont like doing custom orders for the simple reason that there is a deadline and someone who has an expectation of how the product will turn out. I try to create things that only i want to make, like a journal cover or key chains and only than offer them to people. That way they know exactly what they will get and i already know how the product will turn out. Hope this helps.
  5. Hey sorry for letting that drag on, i havnt been able to get to a computer the past few days. Im still stuck on the stitch lengths but at least the reverse speed seems to be exactly one half of the stitch so it shouldn't be a huge deal. The perfectionist in me wants everything to be running like it were new but i understand that i may not get that. I may try and adjust it more, if i do il take a video to show you, maybe you guys can spot what im doing wrong. Id love it if you could get that video. Have you thought about doing a complete rebuild video?
  6. Hey thanks for the replies. Yea koreric, I checked that video out. It’s pretty good but it’s the last pArt about adjusting the length that I don’t seem to get. How’s your reverse stitch though? Does it go back the same length?
  7. Hey guys! I’ve got another few questions for you. Last post I did I was asking about buying the Juki lu 563. I picked it up and got a new servo motor for it. So I tried sewing so,e projects but the stitching wasn’t turning out the was I though. Yes I’m new at this so it most likely is my shakey hands that are messing everything up but I still wanted to check the machine over to make sure everything is turned. My biggest issue is the stitch length isn’t set properly. I can only get 5per inch or like 12 per inch. Also when I reverse stitch, it does it in much smaller lengths and puts even more holes in my leather. I followed the video in all of the adjustments but I couldn’t get it to work much better. This is leads me to my questions. How would I adjust the switch length? (When I set it to 4 per inch it doesn’t currently do 4 per inch. More like 5 or 6) how can I adjust the reverse stitch length. Is it normal for my dogging foot to be rubbing abit against the plate under the presser foot? thanks for your help in advance. P.s. I wrote this late at nigh off of little sleep, hope it makes sense.
  8. Hey so i got the machine back last night. It doesn't look much different (aside from new juki sticker) so i didnt take any photos. Mario ( the technician) was super nice, he answered all my questions very well. Hes been in the business for 40 some years if i remember. He was surprised how smooth it was. I was able to get some supplies from him too. What il do with the motor is get a smaller pulley to put on it to slow it down some for now atleast. that way i can save up for a servo motor or speed reducer. I havent gotten to use the machine just yet. Still have some other projects to finish before i start a new one. By the end of the week i should be using it for some leather crafting. I want to thank all you for all the help. It made this alot easier. Im looking forward to getting enough experience to help others someday soon.
  9. Nice, those are exactly what i was looking for. Il be sure to give bob a shout when im going to buy one. Still waiting to get the machine back. Heres to hoping il get it tomorrow.
  10. That paper idea is fantastic. Il be sure to use it. I'm definitely going to need practice but in ready to get started on it. Every little top right now is a huge help. Q tips is a good idea too. I like to maintain my machines as best I can. I dont want the new owner in the future to every have to fix anything. One thing I was thinking of right now was a speed reducer. I know I will upgrade to a servo motor (probably salrite) as my first upgrade. I also wanted to add a speed reducer but I can't find any decent ones. Any suggestions where I can get one? Also how much would they normally cost? Thanks again!
  11. Hey sorry ive been meaning to reply! Been really busy the past two days. I ended up taking the machine to a technician he charges a flat rate of 75$ for all the cleaning and adjustments. Il be sure to keep mine clean though. You guys are such a great help! il let you know how it looks like when i get it back. I Should get it tomorrow night.
  12. awesome, i was just looking around for a video like that. I was also thinking of taking it to a local sewing machine shop and see how much it would cost them to clean it ot and adjust it. Its pretty dusty on the inside and i like the idea of starting the machine off in the best condition i can get it in.
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