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  1. I just wanted to share this i have been following her for awhile she is very skilled and shows a lot of good information about bag making https://youtu.be/g7vxP8Qvn0o
  2. What kind of motor do you have on yours?
  3. Thought I would share this, she doesn't speak English but I have learned alot from watching her. Look at some of her other videos. She shows how she makes her patterns.
  4. I love seeing every ones work area I guess I will have to post a picture since I made a lot of changes.
  5. I sew mostly small goods I have a Juki 1541s for leather, Juki HZL-400 for linings and just picked up a Singer 241-12 because it was in mint condition and was only $75. My next machine is going to be a cylinder hopefully a Juki. I love how well built they are and parts are easy to get.
  6. I hear you I have 3 sewing machines, I have to stay off craigslist when people are selling things for a quarter of the items worth how do you say no.
  7. Great find you will have to post pictures of what you make.
  8. Very nice did you apply heat to it or just spray it and let it dry
  9. Congrats first thing you should do is get scrap and practice, watch a ton of YouTube videos and read the leather sewing machine forum. I did days of research before I bought a Juki 1541s. I just picked up a old singer 241-12 from craigslist. Your from North Jersey I work right in Allentown NJ.
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