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  1. TxLeather

    good snaps (and bad snaps)

    +1 for The Buckle Guy. snaps from Tandy are @$#%&@#
  2. Agree. USMC Black is a PITA. Fiebeng's Black Pro Oil is ok.
  3. Main body 9 Oz + 3 layers of 9 Oz Veg Tan as filler External layer 2/3 Oz Veg Tan Lighten (a lot ) Fiebing's Saddle Tan Pro Dye & Resolene and Co. I'm quite happy with the result, but now, back to the hand stitching of the bag...
  4. TxLeather

    Craftool Deluxe leather splitter

    yep. I agree with immiketoo 100%
  5. TxLeather


    The only answer is: stay away from FB. The only purpose for FB to exist is spy on you, then sell your personal data. Period.
  6. TxLeather

    Alternatives to cardboard

    blue painter's tape.
  7. A custom order for a Colt Model 1908 Hammerless Vest Pocket. Gun size: 4 1/4" x 3" x 3/4" Due to the absence of gun's mold on the market I had to find a "creative solution" :-)
  8. or NORTH of the border... Just saying
  9. TxLeather

    Coffee Koozie!

    great, I will (maybe)
  10. TxLeather

    Coffee Koozie!

    Nice work (as usual) Nate! P.S.: Rolandranch is too long. can I call you Nate?
  11. TxLeather

    Holster and Gun Belt

    Beautiful. Really a great job! Hats off.
  12. TxLeather

    Splitting Shell Cordovan

    Thanks for sharing scrapyarddog.
  13. TxLeather

    Splitting Shell Cordovan

    I'm here too ;-)