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  1. Leatherwork has led me down a rabbit hole of collecting nice knives. I'd like to sell a few to finance other purchases. For sale are 3 Japanese-style cutting/skiving knives. 1) The leftmost knife is by Ibex Ironworks. Buffalo horn handle, blackened steel (52100 ball bearing steel). 1-3/8" blade width. Fantastic all-around knife for cutting and skiving. Asking $140 including shipping to USA. 2) Middle knife by Ueno_Naoki from Japan. G10 steel. Ebony handle. 1-5/8" blade width. 62 HRC. Super sharp, steeper bevel especially good for skiving. Asking $140 including shipping to USA. 3) Rightmost knife by Ueno_Naoki as well. G10 steel. Micarta handle. 1-5/8" blade width. 62 HRC. Super sharp, steeper bevel especially good for skiving. Asking $140 including shipping to USA. Message me if you would like more detailed photos of a particular knife. Thanks!
  2. I have a set of 10-prong and 2-prong Sinabroks 4.0mm spacing. I bought these brand new along with a differently-sized set. The other size works better for my uses. I have pricked these into leather less than 10 times each. Asking $180 (shipping included). I know that's not much of a discount, but these are very, very new. Ships from Pennsylvania, USA.
  3. Leather knife made from M2 hacksaw blade by Jun from Leathertoolz (YouTube channel) I have been on the search for my perfect knife to use against a straight edge. This one comes close. However, it is a little flimsy for the thickness of leather that I want to cut. For small leather goods / thinner leather, I'm sure it is fantastic. For more information, please see this video (Jun may be verbose and the camera focusing can be annoying, but he is definitely very knowledgeable about leathercrafting and knives/steel/sharpening.) I have used this knife for about 2 feet of total cutting. He makes these in very limited batches. M2 steel, single bevel, cryogenic treatment in a vacuum chamber (per Jun), and hand sharpened. Please click here for more and higher resolution images. Asking $50 shipped. Paid about $76 originally.
  4. Awl is SOLD. Knife still available. Original Box included.
  5. I originally purchased 2 awls and a utility knife from Nash Anonymous. The utility knife was a bit of an impulse buy. It's a great knife, but I'd like to free up some funds for other tools. I'm selling the second awl because I don't think the first one will ever break! Utility Knife High Speed Steel Bloodwood handle Barely used ... I've cut maybe a total of 1 foot using this knife. Asking $80 shipped to US. Awl Pairs well with KSBlade English style irons. Brand new. Never used. Asking $30 shipped to US. Please feel free to contact me if you want more detailed pictures.
  6. Bob Douglas Awl blades (regular and slim) Purchased Spring 2018. Barely used. I quickly realized that these blades are too long for what I make. I've punched ~10 holes with the slim blade, and the regular blade is brand new. Highly polished. VERY pointy and sharp! Asking $60 shipped to USA for both, or $32 shipped to USA for each. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more detailed pictures.
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