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  1. I got the family sew from Toledo on my ferdco 2000. Pleased so far.
  2. What part of Ga.? I’m in South Ga. welcome
  3. Makers leather supply has a new edge paint that is supposed to work well on oily and waxy leather. From a company called Ideliable leather finishes.. ive tried a sample they sent and it seems to work good.
  4. Wooden strap cutter works good, but I use Schick injector razor blades in mine.
  5. Ive ordered from Aaron several times and had good results.
  6. I’ll post some pics. I didn’t want to adjust the presser foot bar every time I wanted to change feet.
  7. Looks real nice! I did one for the same knife, but it didn’t look nearly as good.
  8. Whatever you do, don't post any pictures of modified cobra or cowboy feet. I have the same machine and the cobra and cowboy feet are in fact a 1/4” too long. Being a welder and machinist I cut mine and welded them back together. Works like a charm. I was called a bubba and redneck among other things. But hey it worked . And I’ve been using them for about a year. Good luck.
  9. The one I got from him is a pancake. I may have purchased it though.
  10. JLS Leather has a free one on his website. I have used it and works great. He’s a good guy.
  11. I cut the cylinder at the bottom and made tabs. Then riveted them to the bottom. the lid is what gave me the most problems. I had to reinforce it with 1/8” plywood on the inside.
  12. Just finished this fez case for a lifelong friend who is the new Potentate of our Shrine temple. not perfect by ant means, but I think it turned out okay.
  13. Very very nice work Ryan!!! Which bar grounders did you use.? I’m wanting to get some myself.
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