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  1. I'm having trouble finding wheels for my hand crank embosser. There aren't many on eBay. I have looked at BunkHouse, but I prefer brass. Would like to have deer, butterfly, geometric, or fishing designs. If you have something else I'd like to see it also. Thanks
  2. I have recently purchased a hand crank embossing machine and some wheels to print designs on belts. My question is I have read a lot of information on embossing and I have noticed that people mention to "wet" the leather before sending it through to get the best imprint. Now when they say "wet" are they talking about soaking the straps in a bucket of water for an extended period of time, spraying it down with a squirt bottle, or maybe using a wet sponge rubbed across? No one really seems to elaborate on this. And since I got you here I have another question that just came to mind. How much pressure do people usually use when sending the straps through the machine? I have done hand stamping and I know that takes a good amount of pressure. I am starting out with the BunkHouse poly roles. If anyone has any tips on using these I'd appreciate hearing it. Thank ya
  3. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your ideas. I think I will go with the template for now. I already have the hole punch and oblong punch for the buckles. That's what I already use.
  4. I am getting started making leather belts. I plan on making them for a family store. I have just about everything ready and planned, but I was wondering if they made some sort of die to use to cut the slot for the buckle and the holes for the snaps at the same time. It would save me time if something like this existed, because I plan on making a lot of belts. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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