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  1. Cool! at first I thought W.T.F. but then my eyes came out of that blur I get on Monday mornings and realized it was a skeleton and it was much better
  2. That's great! Congratulations on a job well done!
  3. Thanks for taking all the time to do this, it is very helpful and easy to follow!
  4. try this https://www.springfieldleather.com/Hermann-Oak-2-Pre-Cut-2-3-oz-6-x-12 or give them a call 1-800-668-8518
  5. Nice classic look, nice and neat too!
  6. Yes they seem like very good people, they've always been very helpful. I have never used Barge but have used several other contact cements and they are pretty much the same , 20 or 30 minutes usually is ok. You do need to scuff the smooth surfaces quite a bit for good results, sometimes a second coating is helpful. Some people like olive oil instead of nfo. I don't think you need extra virgin, just the cheap stuff, but I'm not an expert on any of it, just my experience.
  7. Hi, I'm guessing you went to the Syracuse Tandy, I have used their vegetan on a few projects and was a bit disappointed in the quality. The other leather and items I have gotten were all ok. I don't know if it is a storage problem or just Tandys source in general but I stopped getting my vegetan from them. Springfield has some good stuff and as @garypl stated you can get the amount you need so you are not stuck storing a big piece until your next project. If you have a lot left from this project I would give it a good even coat of NFO on the grain side before storage, give it time to soak in and distribute. See if it is any better after a day or two. If its better but not quite there another light coat should get you something usable.
  8. Ouch...ouch...ouch. coulda saved some shipping
  9. Looks like fun! I'd like to see the rest of the build.
  10. Yea O1should work really well for that. I hope it dose not put you off from Springfield they usually are pretty good to deal with. Good luck and have fun!
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