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  1. Looking to speed up the process for wallets when I’m glueing/sewing several pieces of leather together. Curious if anyone is using a sander to clean up/even out edges?
  2. I'm a lefty. Which bevel am I supposed to use?
  3. howlback

    Help! Wet barry king tools

    The ceiling leaked on my bench. I don't have time to explain the entire story but I do need guidance on what I should do with my tools to prevent them from rusting. A few of them are showing spots already.
  4. howlback

    Weaver heritage foot press

    Selling one of these on the west coast as well. Same price
  5. howlback

    FS Weaver MT900 foot press (So Cal) $599

    Just delete it then.
  6. Operation is getting a little bigger. Need multiple presses. Selling this to fund the purchase of several hand presses. Pick up only in Los Angeles.
  7. Damn, why are you selling? Does it eat more leather than it punches correctly?
  8. howlback

    Champion stitcher

  9. howlback

    Sell leather splitting machine Camoga CN403

    Omg I wish this was in the states
  10. howlback

    Fortuna band knife splitter for sale

    Hey @randyrann, I’m interested! Sent you a PM
  11. howlback

    Los Angeles Clicking

    Still looking for clicking?
  12. howlback

    Barry King dot so-what

    I don't really see what the purpose of this thread is? You think Barry King swivel knifes are too expensive? Oh dot well. That being said, is someone buys you a Robert Beard swivel knife just PM for my address. I'll pay for shipping.
  13. howlback

    "Can I have a discount?"

    They wanted to buy two items both upwards of $150. Unfortunately, they said "I always ask whenever I buy multiple items."
  14. Had someone ask me that. Curious if anyone here has been asked that. If so, what was your response? When I started, I priced everything just below market value. No room for marketing gimmicks, or even wholesale. It's hard explaining that to a potential customer. Especially when you were trying to do them a solid by not outrageously marking up your products in the first place.
  15. howlback

    How to edge tight spaces?

    In this instance, I need to edge all the way to the very end of these slits. Punch a little hole to allow relief for the nose of the edger?