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  1. @Northmount When posting images from a smartphone, meeting the image data limit requirements (<1.46mb) is not always possible. Therefore, a third party image hosting service was used. On the subject of thread integrity, @maaron graciously provided screen shots of their book but (because of image data limitations) it required 4 separate posts. The use of image hosting would have allowed to combine the screens into one, single post as opposed to have several consecutive posts (In return, cleaning up the thread a bit). Another solution would be to increase the image data limitations to something a little more “modern.”
  2. Where can I find a little wax pot for my bobbin winder?
  3. I’m selling my perfectly functioning Atlas Levy AT-341 sewing machine because I am now building saddles and require a heavy duty stitcher. Atlas Levy (of Los Angeles) said they would be willing to extended an additional 1-year warranty to the purchaser. I’ve included 10 sets of presser feet, 5 spools of #138, 4 spools of #207, 13 packs of various needle sizes, 3 bobbins, a screw diver set, a swiftly thread lubricator and 1 quart of machine oil. This machine will sew leather up to 3/4”, it features a speed reducer pulley as well as a programmable servo motor. If you have any questions, please reach out. I’d be willing to trade for a vintage harness machine. You can find more details on this specific machine here: http://atlaslevy.com/Atlas-USA-AT341_p_4531.html Video of machine here: https://youtu.be/g8MqyqHYNBg
  4. Long story short, I ordered over the phone. Asked for a 2.5” round-end punch to cut rigging plate slots. They wrote 2.5” round mallet die on the invoice and asked me to confirm. Now I’m stuck with a 2.5” circle mallet die and claimed I never said the word “end.” The whole experience cost me $86.25. They wanted to replace it with what I actually ordered with the stipulation that I pay the shipping both ways, but I was given such a hard time about how it was my fault that I’ve decided to try to sell it on my own and take my business elsewhere. FWIW, I think it’s an industry standard to send a proof (which they didn’t) in order to avoid this type of situation.
  5. I ended up ditching the mandrel and doing my 8 strand braid around a piece of cotton clothes line rope. Then I combined each end with a terminal Turks head. Here is my progress so far:
  6. I take it this was the desired affect, a six in braid in the center of the strands. I did an 8 strand braid around a mandrel instead of a flat braid. I feel like I’ve seen hobbles with this braid before. I’m curious if I will 1.) be able to combine both sides into a 16 strand (which I think is possible) and 2.) should I have some sort of core inside? I am practicing with calf lace but I’m not sure if traditional rawhide hobbles have a core of some sort. Any advice is much appreciated!
  7. I'm having a little trouble deciphering what he means on the red steps: 1) Take eight 1/8” rawhide strings, each 56 inches long 2) Middle them and from this point measure off four inches 3) Start an 8-string braid (Plate 8) here, working back toward the middle of the strings and beyond until you have six inches of the braid (this will form the loop for your button). My interpretation is, find at 24" (which is the middle minus four inches) start an 8-string braid
  8. @marronne The section I was after, "How To Make A Pair Of Braided Hobbles" refers to the following: Plate 5: Spanish Ring Knot Plate 8: 8-string braid Plate 14: Covering a metal ring Plate 30: Terminal turk's-head knot Plate 37: Lone Star Knot Would it be possible to get pictures of those? Cheers! P.S. I plan on grabbing my own copy of this book but I'm anxious to get started right away
  9. Thank you @marronne and everyone else! This should help me move to the next step. I came down with the braiding bug pretty quick
  10. That would help out tremendously! Unfortunately, “Braiding rawhide horse tack” by Robert L Woolery didn’t go into too great or detail
  11. I have the condensed version. I don’t think I saw them in there but I will check again
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