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  1. It is scary starting out. I used sibil johos glazing method, and it was easier than I thought haha. Still scary worrying about messing it up haha
  2. I'm always afraid to color my work, but this came out ok so I thought I'd share, after a long radio silence, here it is. Thanks and enjoy
  3. Looks like a Heizer skull and web haha. Looks nice to me. I have to make myself one one of these days
  4. Always a pleasure seeing your "stuff" on here. Always really cool
  5. Thanks, that's how I figured in doing it. Gomph hackbarth used to sell a 1018 steel stamp set. And old saddlers would make them from nails. If I try mild steel I'll have to just be extra careful haha
  6. And I'm a dummy, I didn't see fat cat's response (good on you @GatoGordo!)
  7. Bit late to the party. But if it were me, I would have to disassemble parts (discussed already I believe) to get to the damaged area. As for needles, if I didn't have any and couldn't fenangle a needle through, I would try cutting them down to a suitable size and polish the tips up on some sand paper or something, pliers would probably need to be used also to grab the shorter needles. Just my 2 cents here haha I hope you get it figured out
  8. What do you use for stock? I picked up some stainless steel hex bolts and while I can work then they do seem tougher to work. I wouldn't mind 1018 or other similar mild steel. I thought about galvanized hex bolts and removing the coating somehow
  9. That's my next investment. How do they do against stainless steel? Thanks for the tip
  10. Awesome stuff! You inspired me to make my own stamps. What I've made so far work pretty well. Lots of practice needed tho haha. Your slickers look nice!
  11. What Jls mentioned is also what al stohlman said in his figure carving finesse book. If you happen to have a copy (maybe check leathercraft library?) You can see examples and tool recomendations, page 112 I believe
  12. I think I've asked before and have forgotten since, but what do you use for the weight inside? All are great as always, thanks for sharing
  13. Thanks, I dont post much here like I used too but I think I'll try to share more when I think too. I love to share and see what everyone comes up with and makes
  14. There is a new show that added, the heart of Texas show in Waco. It is in August this year I believe. That should cut the travel in half. But still a treck
  15. It's a good size. A lot of vendors and big names. It's hosted by the leathercrafters and saddlers journal. It's the only one I've been too but I don't think it's as big as sheridan. But, if it's leather related it'll be at the show haha. I go mostly for the classes because the instructors are well known in the craft and people I look up to and the opportunity to learn from them is incredible
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