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  1. Always wanted to give this a go. Looks great
  2. My 2 cents, if it's a molded holster, the only side that could be molded and retain the front stamping would be the back. Leaving it plain would keep the best anesthetics after molding. If it's not to be molded, it could be stamped all around. Personally, if it's an owb not molded or a western style holster, I would probably stamp all of it, otherwise I'd have to rely on molding the back panel for retention and that would destroy any adornment in the end
  3. I used an airbrush for all of it, I had to fight it too, my airbrush isn't very good hahaha, but it does make it easy I buffed it then used aussie conditioner and sealed with tan coat
  4. I had some purple and jade angelus dye lying about and decided to try something different for me. It's a simple sunburst but the colors are fun. This has 2 card slots and a pocket, it can easily be expanded but I wanted to showcase the dye on one side.
  5. Many approaches. As mentioned you an line it with very light leather or fabric. But. If you didn't want to line it there are other methods. I used to use tan coat and apply it then burnish it with my slicker best I could. But now, my go to method for glossy smooth unlined interiors is to use toconole and a glass burnisher. Just spread a light coat of toconole on the entirety of the back side and burnish. Comes out great. Obviously, you want to dye it first haha.
  6. The finished piece. I'll be redoing it most likely as the interior card slots are too thick
  7. Thanks Bruce, I was able to take his class last year. I wish I could again this year, or get some 1 on 1 time with him to learn some things. I love the palosanto edger and the draw gauge I got from you too, thanks again Thanks, I will post the finished piece soon. It is done but, as I was afraid of, the leather I used for the interior was too thick so its not so functional, but looks nice haha. I will be redoing this one with thinner interior leather. Can't win them all, but it was my first attempt at this new pattern too
  8. I know what you mean. But I do kinda like it. I was originally going to have a border but, I made the pattern a bit too big so I did it this way
  9. It will be stitched. It has a metal bar type closure that will be installed too
  10. Here's a pattern by Rocky Minster that I decided to put on this clutch wallet back
  11. It is scary starting out. I used sibil johos glazing method, and it was easier than I thought haha. Still scary worrying about messing it up haha
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