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  1. I posted the inlayed panel of this bag but here is the finished piece. Black buffalo(I think, i bought it forever ago) metalic blue for the inlay. The wife is happy with it and as luck would have it, I found a strap to match the interior lining! Not perfect but came out ok I think
  2. It was a little bit. Most of ot is prep work. A lot of skiving. The heart is inlayed into the blue which is inlayed into the bag front. Once it was skived and fit together It came together pretty quick Thanks. Challenging but I like the result
  3. I'm making a bag for my wife. I showed her a picture of a bag aaron hizer at makers made and had to try it. The inlay design is what I'm taking from Aaron. The bag is a different pattern. It is my first attempt at inlay work too so, If anyone knows where to do better let me know. Cheers!
  4. Thanks. I used a foam brush to apply a few coats of angelus satin finish and Buffed with a rag after it dried.
  5. Made a few iterations and landed on this. It's for a k frame s&w for a friend. Critique welcome.
  6. As a first go it looks function as l. However there are some safety design elements I'd recommend. First is your magazine release being covered, it shouldn't be. It cam potentially cause your magazine to be released when it shouldn't be. Second is grip clearance. You should strive for about an inch or so. This design looks like it's ok but something to keep in mind. Keep at it!
  7. Thank you for the info. Based on that it isn't what I need. Thanks again for saving me time and money
  8. It's listed for 950 also, which is why I'm tempted, also has video of it sewing on the post
  9. I found this machine listed semi locally for a good(I think) price. But I'm completely ignorant and don't wanna be had. I'm hoping someone can tell me about it and let me know what I'm in for. It looks like an older adler 205-370 but I really don't know. Thanks in advance for the aid.
  10. Thank you. It was a fun one @JLSleather coloring I am not good at. Idk what to do with it haha. I have peter main and stohlmans books on it and still cant figure it out quite right haha. I need to practice it more for sure
  11. Something just clicked with this one haha. I know how you feel, all I can say is thank you and just keep practicing it'll fall into place @MarshalWill I'll keep that in mind thank you
  12. Thanks, the pattern is not mine, i just carved it. I agree though. It is a very nice pattern for those reasons. That's going to be my next learning adventure, drawing patterns... terrifying!
  13. Thsnks and Yes, it's available for download on his site now.
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