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  1. Well, you kn ok w how to cover your adze... hehehehe Looks great in all seriousness
  2. I'm sure there could be, it would be nice to have a section dedicated to it where people could go to trade
  3. Definitely find me on there. I'm always down to trade. Ill be making some more sometime haha It really is. "Leather artists trading cards"on Facebook if you are interested
  4. He is indeed. Apparently it isn't a new thing, but the group really brought it to life. Personally I haven't heard of it before. He is on there, rex goblet, I've seen Peter main, and a lot of other great artists. Definitely get in that group. And look me up 912 leathercraft
  5. Jim linnell has a group on Facebook called leather artists trading cards. The way it works is you make up a card with tooling or stamping or whatever you want. Recommended size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches from 4/5oz (but this isn't a required dimension or size). The idea is to keep them relatively small. Once you have one for trade, you can post it saying it's up for grabs or you can ask a specific artist to trade. Final communication is done through pm on Facebook usually then you just send your card to the other person and they send you one of theirs. There are a lot of great people there already and some incredible work being traded. People even have their kids making and trading them which I think is awesome. And, beginners and experts are encouraged to trade with each other. Skill doesn't really matter, its about the community and keeping the craft alive and exciting. The cards make it real easy to collect other artists work too.
  6. Thanks again haha I traded frankenstein and the horse with people in France and UK. I colored them (albeit not very well) but they came out ok
  7. @RockyAussie thanks for that addition. I responded quickly because I was at work and thought about the thickness of what the binding was covering after the fact, but it is an important aspect to making it come out right
  8. Do you mean stitching the corners or making the turned edge meet nicely when you turn it? For the first, a small round hole instead of angled hole will help stitches lie better. And i like to start in the corners and pick towards the middle. So my stitching lies perfect in the corner. Unless I round my corners, then it doesn't much matter. For the turning, you simply clip the corner off. Then when you turn the edge they line up nicely . Hope my silly drawing makes sense.
  9. Thanks. All are on 'cards' 2.5 x 3.5 inches i colored some of them. Traded most of them haha
  10. I did. They are real cheap acrylics though. I do want to unvest in good paints like angelus now. I only jad a few basic colors to use too, black white red yellow green and a blue so, getting a good orange was a bit tough for me hahaha
  11. Thanks. But the design is borrowed haha one i found a while back and rediscovered the other day
  12. I tried painting again. It came out alright I think. I need better paint haha... oh, and a clue as to what I'm doing would help too.
  13. These are some small cards I tooled up recently. Just thought I'd share them here along with my other outlets.
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