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  1. I'm in the same boat haha. I'd love a machine, but you really need 2. And I don't do production work and can't warrent nor afford the expense. Nonetheless that's a good looking roll.
  2. @chuck123wapati thank you, the keychain is about 2.5 inches wide, so the tooling is about 1.5 inches square or so. I do a lot of little trading cards that are about credit card size. It's a challenge finding things to fit on something like that haha.. @Samalan thank you, it was fun to do
  3. Been a long while but I'm still around. Just felt like sharing this keychain with Japanese maple I tooled on it. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. @Vilesthanks, it does albeit not the best stitching on the underside. My awl controll isn't the best. I'm out of practice haha
  5. @chuck123wapatithanks, it will certainly be dry haha. @rleatherthanks. He is chomping at the bit for me to get it to him haha
  6. It is very fun. Those resources should get you off to a good start
  7. Thanks @Dwight, I agree it would be cumbersome. This is what was asked for. It also has a toe plug that I'm a tad embarrassed by but is functional haha. It was my first toe plug and flap holster and I'm pretty happy with it
  8. This was one I remember. The principals will get you close I think
  9. Go look on YouTube for Sam Andrew's. He has a few holster making videos that may help make a pattern. Also JLS leather website has some pattern making pdfs that are good. And if you look on this forum there was one or 2 pinned tutorials on holster making that were very good also
  10. I made this holster for my uncle. He carries a pistol that resembles an 1851 navy but is kind of an odd duck. It's a different caliber and has longer barrel than the original navy. Anyhow, he wanted a flap holster, and never have making one before I decided why not. I made it based off examples in Packing Iron. Thanks for checking it out
  11. Thank you kindly, I hope it is received well and my intentions are understood. These are the types of projects most worth doing for me and they seldom come across so I try and do them when they present themselves.
  12. Thanks, the number in the heart was her drag car number, they are a racing family also
  13. Here's a portrait of my best friends mom. She passed from cancer a few years ago and I thought he might like this for his birthday this week.
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