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  1. Thank you kindly, I hope it is received well and my intentions are understood. These are the types of projects most worth doing for me and they seldom come across so I try and do them when they present themselves.
  2. Thanks, the number in the heart was her drag car number, they are a racing family also
  3. Here's a portrait of my best friends mom. She passed from cancer a few years ago and I thought he might like this for his birthday this week.
  4. Annie libertini has a great portrait carving series at elktracks studio. Its a little pricy for all 5 but, it is worth it in my opinion. Just a thought for you. Thanks for the kind words
  5. Thanks, it was a challenge for sure but the whole project was fun to do
  6. Hey everyone, I've posted the carving in the figure carving area. This is the completed colored portrait. It is of my grandparents and will be sent to my dad for Christmas. Anywho, im always open to critique and I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Looks like solid work. I commend your stitching, for only doing this for 7 months its great. That is a tough aspect of leathercraft
  8. Its tricky. There is a way to calculate the needed spacing. But in the end you'll still have fewer stitches on the bottom than the side. This means you'll need to double up on a few hols on the bottom by stitching through them twice. Its hard to explain without a graphic. All said though, you did a fine job
  9. This bird is an example of copying i referred to. The rest was on the spot freehand work. This piece was rather small for me so, a lot of the scrollwork got away from me a bit and wasn't well thought out, but I think it demonstrates the type of source material to look for and copy either freehand or by tracing it to the leather.
  10. The leather crafters and saddlers journal sometimes has some swivel knife finesse patterns in them that are nice. Ive googled line art or swivel knife patterns too. And the leathercraft library has a variety of interesting doodle pages for free download that could be useful. While freehand practice is needed for confidence and learning basic cuts, this repetition gets boring. You can interlace some more fun n practice by tracing a design from one of these sources and cutting it in. Focus on tapering your cuts etc. It will help build that familiarity with the tool and your basic cuts will improve. Eventually, you will want to try and freehand copy a design or "doodle" your own freehand design in the leather.
  11. It is a very detailed book for sure. I used modeling tools and he demonstrates stamps. I have the stamps I just found the spoon easier. I am going to try more his method on some others in the future to see which method I prefer. Thanks for the kind words
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