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  1. Firewalker

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    It seems like "craftsman" is a label that other people call you but you don't really call yourself. In the most pure sense of the word if you have built, made, crafted anything you are a craftsman. I also agree there are many who fit this title that are not that skilled at it. I too have wondered where the title comes from when you read "master leather worker" and I would also assume the title was given to an individual by their guild or maybe it is after receiving an award or some other high level recognition by an organization. I also agree with Jeff regarding someone doing xyz "for 40 years" yet it is still not in line with what you would consider decent work. I work in the medical field as my "day job" and I have encountered MANY people who justify their technique with their years of experience. I have been the bearer of bad news on occasion by letting them know they have been doing it incorrectly for x amount of years. I do not do this just to bash someone but I will do it if a patient's safety is at risk. The use of craftsman is too generic to get too bent out of shape over IMO. I have only done this for a couple of years this month and I am quite happy with the items I make and sell a lot of them. Does it make me some sort or craftsman, guru, master? Nope, I am just a guy who loves working leather, pushing my limits, still making mistakes and trying to get better every day. No label required for me. Be well all, Scott
  2. Firewalker

    Storage of Tooling Stamps, Ideas?

    Thanks. I underestimated my stamp buying addiction and outgrew it immediately. Oh well, it gives me a reason to make another one. This one is made of rock maple with mitered corners, CNC tool holes and Laser etching. It did a good job replacing my 2x4 I had before. Haha
  3. Firewalker

    Benefit of having a splitter

    What he said! I want one in a bad way and what Jeff said is exactly why. Having a perfect match on a belt or even the inside and outside of a wallet would be nice but using a 5 oz backer and 2 oz pockets would be a trick because they are likely from a different run, definitely a different animal etc. I am trying to to convince myself I don’t need one but it looks like I do. Also you asked about what to do with the split. It would make great insides for raised dog collars, watch straps, belts. I asked for my splits to be sent to me. They are yours after all. Just cost extra on shipping. Good luck!
  4. Firewalker

    Getting into gators

    Have you looked at Springfield Leather? I bought some caiman tails from there and I believe they have fish leather, toad, some snakes. Not sure on the gator pieces but it’s worth a shot. Cheers
  5. Firewalker

    Did Tandy drop their WC & Elite gimmicks?

    The pricing is better across the board for everyone. I was on Elite and then business before. After the change I get most of my commonly purchased items at even less than I did before. I don’t buy leather from them but some other items I really appreciated the drop. No club to join... flat shipping rate... better pricing all around. I’m sure someone will still manage to hate on them anyway. Weeeee
  6. Firewalker

    Storage of Tooling Stamps, Ideas?

    I don’t know how fancy you are going for but if you like beauty and versatility you can’t miss by having Dave Swallow make you one. His work is remarkable and this is coming from a woodworker if 30 years. They are not cheap but they are worth it in my opinion. I made my own rack but have outgrown it.
  7. Firewalker

    Uh.. can we talk about the elephant in the room?@!

    Jeff that is a dang fine looking holster. Nice work!
  8. Firewalker

    Sight Channel

    Thank you for taking the time to share this. I have been curious how this was done. Cheers
  9. Thank you. My current wallet is made from Dublin and I sure do like it. It feels good from the start and just gets better. Cheers
  10. Thank you very much. I appreciate the comment. Thanks brother
  11. Thank you very much. I am pleased with it so far. I got the frames ordered today so hopefully I will wrap it up soon. Cheers
  12. Yes that is correct. It may be a little heavy for some but it worked out in this case. Thank you!
  13. Firewalker

    Money clip source needed please

    Here is how that turned out. Thanks again for the link. Take care all