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  1. Firewalker

    Horween Dublin Bifold

    Thank you. My current wallet is made from Dublin and I sure do like it. It feels good from the start and just gets better. Cheers
  2. Firewalker

    I made a belt for my son

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the comment. Thanks brother
  3. Firewalker

    Double Clutch for my wife. (WIP)

    Thank you. Sure will!
  4. Firewalker

    Double Clutch for my wife. (WIP)

    Thank you very much. I am pleased with it so far. I got the frames ordered today so hopefully I will wrap it up soon. Cheers
  5. Firewalker

    I made a belt for my son

    Yes that is correct. It may be a little heavy for some but it worked out in this case. Thank you!
  6. Firewalker

    Money clip source needed please

    Here is how that turned out. Thanks again for the link. Take care all
  7. Firewalker

    Horween Dublin Bifold

    Thank you. I agree it’s a little thick for me as well. The stamping wasn’t difficult and looked good initially. It just doesn’t hold like one might want, at least without the use of hot stamping. The most difficult part was getting the thick stitching to lay down on the single layer section without puckering/shortening the leather. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it Scott
  8. Firewalker

    I made a belt for my son

    Thank you! It is two layers 12/3 to keep the sag out of it. I used natural bobbin thread to blend in. I appreciate the comment.
  9. Firewalker

    Double Clutch for my wife. (WIP)

    Here is a work in progress for my Wife. It’s been enjoyable to figure out the puzzle and build order. Still trying to find frames to close the ends.
  10. Firewalker

    Horween Dublin Bifold

    Here is a wallet I finished a little while back (side note: I won’t be stamping Dublin again) Tell me what you think!?!?!
  11. Firewalker

    I made a belt for my son

    This was the first belt I stitched on the CB3200. Had to move the keeper closer than expected to stay off the letters when in center hole. Overall I like it. He was pretty dang excited about it. Cheers all!
  12. Firewalker

    Campbell Leatherworks

    Sharing my work with my fellow leather workers
  13. Firewalker

    First Seat for 2019

    My goodness! That turned out awesome and it certainly looks like it was tricky! Well done!
  14. Firewalker


    Beautiful work
  15. Firewalker

    Feedback on our Leathergoods website

    I like the style of the site and I also agree that the photography is well done. The wording is something like what I would put on there. "Follow us - Not in a creepy way" Ha! I like it. Your prices are what I would price similar items at and I also agree with keeping an eye on the finishing touches. Edge burnishing would seem to come with the pricing as set. I would proof read your site for spelling. I didn't read every word but saw a typo in the cross body bag. Not everyone can pull of the cross body. Small detail but they matter IMO. This was a very disconnected and fragmented reply but I wanted to post before I retire for the night. Thanks for sharing and all the best. Scott