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  1. I can’t upload pics because the system say I can only upload files of 1.4MB
  2. thanks for your information. I must clarify that I do not intend to manufacture tow straps, I am using tow traps for personal use in my garage gym because of how resistant they are and it is cheaper for me to reuse my old (in good condition) tow strap. I will leave some photos of what I am of what I am doing. I am using a Pfaff 1245 machine and the top thread is 138 and the bottom I think is 90 bonded Nylon thread with needle 22-23 if I remember. but since I have the adler I like to use it with a thicker thread since the machine uses needle 328R?
  3. hello everyone, I have a question and hopefully you can help me. A little over a year ago I bought an Adler 105-64 I did a test and I know that it sews well, I would like to know what thickness of needle and thread type it requires to be able to sew leather and high resistance polypropylene fiber for tow trucks. I appreciate your help.
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