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  1. Perfect!!!! and I think the best is when we realize what we can do different and then comes the evolution of the work. Better and better.
  2. Exactly! Is from Daisuke. From me he is the BEST and most talented leatherctafter. His tools are all made by a Japanese guy called Ogunaru. And by the way, thanks about the information of the CMC. I always saw it but never tried. On my last works I start to use the Tokonole
  3. I think they use this flat edger too. I tried to do with a “normal” one. Rounded and it don’t works. Do you know what brands sells this flat edgers? Was my first thought too. But I’m not sure.
  4. For me this is such a perfect work. I was trying to figure out how they do it. What kind of edge beveled or burnished should I use to do edges like that? Technique? And is this a dye edge or just an effect of burnishing?
  5. Usually yes. When I need to produce I do 4 or 5 by time. This is a really good observation. At the moment I’m using a 1.0mm tiger thread. But maybe a 0.8 could look better
  6. Thanks! I’m doing some more in another colors now. Soon I post it
  7. excellent job!!! What kind of leather did you use?
  8. I really like the final result of the color too man!
  9. Thanks!!! This is the Fiebing’s Pro Dye Dark Brown
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