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  1. Good day to everyone, I have an old western saddle that sat in barn for years at my sisters farm until I found she still had it buried away. It was drying out, but not beyond re-use. I did some research at saddle places on line and think I even found some from members at this site. I have called myself all sorts of names now and probably even found some new ones to call myself -- i put olive oil on it to revitalize the leather - my nice old 47 year old saddle (give or take a few years from when it may have been made - i turned a nice tanish colored leather to basically brownish-black -- YES, i am very upset with myself and continue to call myself names. I know I can never undo my very big mistake and mess up - as saddle is still usable and more comfortable then newer one -- But is there anything I can do to bring out the fine tooling designs on my saddle? And what kind of sealing or wax can I use now to seal in the oil and make it at least somewhat more presentable. Thank you to anyone a head of time for answers and help and please, I know I've made a grievous error and I cannot stop kicking myself in the butt for what I have done to a once very beautiful saddle. I just want to see if I can at least highlight the tooling. I am unable to upload my pictures (too big), if anyone would like to see them in order to help me, we may need to use another method. Carol
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