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  1. Brian, your suggestion on using a pattern from the fabric store makes sense. As for the seams, I'm sure that can be accommodated for.
  2. I was looking at the Pattern & Template section, and it seems that if one wants to make projects right the first time, you purchase the pattern which gives the dimensions. Thus you cut your leather to the correct size and put it together. For talking purposes, lets assume we're going to make a leather vest. Well, leather craftsman come in all sizes. Last time I tried on a sport coat, I was a size 50 "portly". I would guess that vest patterns come in S,M,L, & XL. So my question then is, do any of you sew up a muslin mock-up of the pattern and adjust it as needed before cutting into an expensive piece of leather? It seems that in dress making, they do make some type of cheap mock-up before cutting expensive material. So it would seem the same for leather work. If so, then do you use muslin, felt, or some other material readily available at your local fabric store?
  3. Thanks everyone for the input. eglideride, I like the way you think!
  4. I see the Amy Roke pricking irons come in 2.7mm (#10), 3.0mm (#9) and 3.38mm (#8) sizes. Could someone please explain the need for three different sizes, and what is the determining factor for purchasing any one particular size? Is there an all around preferred size? Thank you!
  5. I'm considering a machine after doing hand sewing. The projects I'd be doing are wallets, purses, belts, and knife sheaths. The machines up for consideration would be either the Cowboy 4500 or Boss. Unfortunately, I'm not reading many "fantastic machine" posts regarding these machines. What I have been reading are about problem issues with each of these machines, and how they seem to be very temperamental. I know nothing about sewing machines, and the wife has already informed me I will NOT be attempting to use her sewing machine. So I'm depending on you folks for the straight skinny on these two leather machines. Since I doubt I'll be doing high volume production, I'd like you're thoughts on how steep and tricky the learning curve is for these machines? Perhaps one should save themselves a big headache and just stick to hand sewing, your thoughts? I'm sure many of you are thinking, if you're not doing high volume, why are you looking into a machine. Well, I've worked and saved all my life, and now that I'm retired, I'd like to enjoy MY savings a little before the nursing home enjoys it ALL!
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