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  1. onelooneyzeta

    Trifold Pattern

    Thanks Tugadude I'm a hs football coach. I have only done projects with footballs. All I know. I just recently branched out into baseball gloves. Gonna give it a try with the half inch a try. Any tips on how to line it up. Bifold is easy, because you can stitch onside and then the other. With a trifold and having the middle, not quite sure how to align it.
  2. onelooneyzeta

    Trifold Pattern

    Thank you guys. koreric75 I have seen this. I'm looking for more a traditional trifold. Tugadude I actually have this laid out. I just don't know if I like the pockets. Also I'm concerned with the fit of the outter piece and the inside piece. they are both the same length. I am using old footballs. and the leather is fairly thick. so when you fold it its going to wrinkle and bulge.
  3. onelooneyzeta

    Trifold Pattern

    Need help finding a trifold wallet pattern. I've used the search function on here and I'm not having much luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks garypl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. would you be willing to share the dimensions you used for the cigar case? Looking to do a project similar.
  6. onelooneyzeta

    For the sports fans

    Those are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the patterns!
  7. onelooneyzeta

    Football Panel Template

    Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  8. onelooneyzeta

    Football Panel Template

    I'm looking for a template for the panel of a football.
  9. onelooneyzeta

    Flatten Re purposed Leather

    I may have to give that a try. It would be amazing to work with a piece of leather that is flat. the football panels get so 'warped' I don't know if that's a good term, but there is a major curve to it. Any time I try something that is using the majority of the panel, it is a pain.
  10. onelooneyzeta

    Flatten Re purposed Leather

    This is the route I'm thinking of going. I've talked with another guy that works with baseball gloves and his stuff always looks really smoothed out. He uses a homemade jig that he is able to squeeze down the leather and clamp it. Leaves it for 24 hours.
  11. onelooneyzeta

    Flatten Re purposed Leather

    Are you able to remove the leather from the stencil board?
  12. onelooneyzeta

    Flatten Re purposed Leather

    I've thought about trying to make a jig of some kind. put the panels between 2 pieces of wood or something and clamp them down? I don't know if I should wet them or use some kind of conditioner? Kinda grasping for info and some help.
  13. onelooneyzeta

    Flatten Re purposed Leather

    Some of you may have seen my other post. I currently repurpose used hs footballs. I mostly dable in small goods, wallets, key chains, etc. I am looking to make a messenger bag. As I deconstruct the football and have all the panels, I am wanting to use as much of the panel as possible. To do so I need the panels flattened out. Any suggestions for doing this? As you can imagine they've developed quite a 'warp' or 'curve' to them. Appreciate all input.
  14. onelooneyzeta

    Reclaimed Leather Pieced Together

    Any suggestions for helping to flatten these panels back out? I mostly make small goods and have just worked with curved nature of the leather. But, for this project it would really help to get these panels flattened out.
  15. onelooneyzeta

    Reclaimed Leather Pieced Together

    These are all great ideas! I like bygyyns idea. I do think that they'll have to be laid flat. Face to face would be too bulky. over laping and laying them flat, would a saddle stitch be my best bet?