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  1. hi, this sewing machine was almost given to me. but other than the initials (643-110) there is no producer. there is also the writing ITALIA-9002. I need to figure out the make and model to know what thread and needles to use. I did a test with 2 layers of 14oz leather and it works great, but that's also the maximum thickness of the presser foot lift. it has transport only below
  2. thank you. deactivated. Thanks you
  3. an exceptional job and the details are very accurate. if you still have this hand after 20 years off, you'll do wonders in a while...
  4. wolfago

    a tooled belt

    Thanks everyone, I'm really glad you like it. Having your opinions is essential for me because where I live I have very few possibilities for a comparison.
  5. I used a modified wood plane blade, some iron plates, a roller and 2 bearings. total cost 20 euros
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