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  1. Hello All, I have a question about a leather that I have, and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me identify the source. I fell in love with this leather when I got it, and want to source more if possible. I bought this leather in 2017 from OA Leather supply. It was sold under the name Kobicha Oiled Goat, 2.5/3oz. I have asked OA about the source, and he indicated he bought this leather on a liquidation order, and as such did not know the original source. Attempts to search for "Kobicha Oiled Goat" do not return any similar results, and still being relatively inexperienced in leatherwork I'm at a loss as to how to find a source for this particular leather. I've included two images of this leather as well. Any information that you guys could provide on this leather would be greatly appreciated! Image 1: Top/Finished side of the hide. Image 2: Flesh/Unfinished side of the hide. Image 3: This hide as used for stitching pony covers/pads.
  2. I'll shoot you a PM, and we can work something out. I'm always interested in trying some new leathers. I was using a higher end Trotec laser for a while, but lost access to it when the local makerspace went bankrupt. I now use a cheap K40 with a few simple mods, and it's working great! In total I've got about $400 into it, and couldn't be happier. I can make a dedicated post about it if people are interested, but the basic list of changes is: - Added air assist -Added a steel mesh bed (removed existing bed) -Upgraded cooling pump, and using ice packs to cool the water going through the tube I use the laser for cutting the outline, cutting the stitching holes, and engraving.
  3. Thank you for the kind words! If you wanted a piece to play around with (1-2 sqft), I'd be more than happy to cut you off a piece from the hide that I have and send it your way.
  4. Thanks! The stitching pony is from DreamFactoryKR https://www.etsy.com/listing/583248914/leather-clampleather-craft-toolstitching?ref=listing-shop-header-1 I love this thing, and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm putting aside funds for the larger floor model clamp now! Thanks! I use double needle Most of my leatherwork is done in the 2-4oz range. Thanks! Horween Rancho Brown Essex, 4oz. And they are technically diamonds, but basically round when you account for the laser cutter's kerf. Thanks! I'm using a modified K40 laser (The dirt cheap chinese type), so it's well withing reach! Thanks!
  5. Here are a few recent pieces I worked on, including some wallets, notebook covers, and some pads for a new stitching pony!
  6. I guess I shouldn't be surprised... I think I've got more money in thread and burnishing compound on my tray than they are charging for theirs, lol.
  7. Thanks! Thank you! I'm really happy with how the edges came out, and figured the people here who know what goes into it would appreciate them as well. Thanks! I cut the holes for stitching on the laser cutter I used to cut the outer shape and do the engraving. Thank you!
  8. Just finished a new Field Notes Cover design. Two large Field Notes/Passport pockets, and 4 card pockets. Shown in Horween Candy Red Essex and Natural Essex, with matching Flat Card Wallet: And since I think you guys will appreciate this, a close up shot of the edge:
  9. Thanks! I think this is one of those things that everyone comes to a similar design for. All we can do is try to stylize it a little differently to stand out from the crowd. Thanks!
  10. This actually looks like an awesome option. It looks like awards in the $300 dollar range are still getting a few hundred responses, and that's well within my budget for this work. I think I'm gonna give this a shot. It's all good. Thanks again for asking!
  11. Hey all, I'm looking for suggestions/leads on sources for the following work: -Logo touch up: I like the logo I have developed, but I'd like to have someone with an eye for marketing/industrial design find a way to incorporate my business name into the logo, develop a nicer color scheme, and incorporate a nicer border than the square that I have. -Business card design: Looking to get something original designed, so people aren't throwing away generic black/white cards that just have my logo and plain text. -Website design: This one will be in the near future, but I'd like to have someone design a simple sales site for me. Doesn't have to be complex, but when I try this myself it just always seems to be lacking that cohesive feel that a quality website should have. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I don't have a fortune to spend on these tasks, but I could stomach a couple hundred for the first few tasks, and haven't set my budget yet for the website. Thanks, Jon
  12. Looks awesome! I love the oil pan drip tray.
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