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  1. Thanks for your input. That's what my hunch was, but am new to the 135x17 needle system and thought maybe there was something I did not know & perhaps they were supposed to be interchangeable. Obviously the sewing machine sales company made a mistake in sending the wrong needle size. What a way to introduce a new machine! HA!
  2. I am wondering..... I bought a brand new CB 341 and included was a pk of 135-16 size 22 leather needles. They worked fine and I made a really nice men's fanny pack in 5-6oz leather- no trouble . With my initial purchase I also requested to buy a smaller needle size for the machine in size 19 for thinner leather & thread. However with the next project, when I switched over to the lighter needles TERRIBLE issues began of breaking needles and also not picking up bobbin thread etc. Maddening!!! In looking back at my invoice, I realize that the needles sent were NOT a 135x16 or 135x17 but a 134-35 system- which were at least 1/4" shorter than the needles called for the CB341. My question is..... Are those two really interchangeable or were all my troubles were because they sent the wrong needles? I cannot find any info online about it so thought you 'PROS' might give me a clue?
  3. Sold pending location!
  4. I’m interested too pending your location
  5. I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone have an idea as to where to purchase dies for an old United Carr m369 press? I believe the bottom hole is for a 3/8" shank. I have a set for line 24 snaps but was hoping for some grommet setting dies. Thanks!
  6. Maybe someone tapped those holes in for an edge guide? They don’t look factory IMHO.
  7. Nice! What weight leather did you use?
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