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  1. thank you folks! i have decided to just "wing it" pun totally intended @billybob, my hubby is a successful beer hunter as well!!
  2. the pattern looks easy enough, i don't know about the measurements that are used, as i said, i'm not a hunter, i have no idea if the straps are 18 inches or 36 inches, so this is where i need the assistance
  3. apparently it goes over the shoulder?
  4. does anyone know if there is a pattern for making a duck tote or carrier? i am not a hunter, but have been requested to make one. they look simple enough, i just have no clue for measurements.
  5. I am totally clueless! need help. I have searched and searched, I can not find anything to help me make a rifle sling! I seem to still have an issue with my mouth and brain not agreeing! friend asks...can you make a sling...me...never done one, friend...wanna try? me...mouth spouts yes! brain face palms and shakes it's head! does anyone know if there are templates available? i don't want one with a sliding shoulder piece? want it to be all one piece so that i have the carving space. how long should i make it? any and all help will be so appreciated!
  6. someone would like me to make a sling for her father for his shot gun, i've not made any before, curious on what the pricing should be around. i've attached a picture she sent of what she would kind of like.
  7. hello, i have been requested to do 10 belts for a wedding party. i've only done belts for hubby, i used his old belts for measurements. i know that going off pant sizes don't work. is there a simple way to do this or do i have to get each gentleman to physically measure his waist?
  8. I charged him $500.00 for the works. unfortunately...not enough
  9. thank you he now wants matching saddle bags I've not ever done them before either. not sure what I should charge for that one...I do know I want to add the pita fee
  10. he now wants matching saddle bags....thank you for the replies
  11. this was a frustrating job for me, mainly because of the customer, he was in pretty much every 2 days, I had many do overs because he didn't like the size, colour or lacing...all of which he chose...but regardless, it is finished and gone!
  12. after months of blood, sweat, tears and many colourful words and phrases, I am so very happy to see this one go. I had to deal with many do overs, because the colour wasn't right or the lacing wasn't what he wanted, the size was wrong and so on. the customer was certainly my biggest challenge. tell me what he wanted then changed his mind when he saw the result. I think I will add a pita fee for the next one. anyways, thank you to all who offered words of advise and encouragement!!
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