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  1. I do have etsy before. My online shop now is shopee.ph/abcdex I also have website you can look into. If you're interested https://kdotcrafts.com
  2. From making small leather goods to making tote bags. Learned a lot from youtube videos. It takes time and patience to get good results.
  3. thank you for the tip. I think my problem is the paint itself.
  4. The edges looks great. what's the thickness of the leathers you used there?
  5. that's true. those long videos are worth watching, the details and all. I see. there's the saying "Practice makes perfect." guys if it's not too much to ask, check on my website kdotcrafts . com and my facebook page @kdotcrafts2017 thank you so much.
  6. Fanny pack to carry your basic needs.
  7. It's been a while. Pls watch my simple video.
  8. Hello. I have made small business with my crafts. Before, I was trying to find scrap leather, now I always order whole hides! Best luck with you!
  9. I thought of Bjorn from Vikings.
  10. My website is live at https://kdotcrafts.com
  11. My latest craft and my very first attempt on making a leather bag. Patterns are from etsy, but had to figure out how to put it together myself.
  12. Thank you for your advise and sub!. I will more focus on steps rather showing all in timelapse.
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