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  1. I have been working with leather for a long time I have even tand Dear Elke birds small game the old ways. Every thing I know I learned how to do was on my won & studying how thing's was put together. I make Vest Holster's Knives & knife sheath and what don't exsect For people who need it. There is more. Robert H Hartson
  2. I have made saddle bags for horses, They would the same except smaller and how you put them on your K9. Give me the size of your K9 and I will make you a pattern. How fare is he from the ground, long is his back,how wide is his back and what ever you can think of that help me make the pattern. These bags are for a horse. I kan make them smaller
    •  Hi I think you are right. How is that doun? Bob Hartson. ( LGW )
  3. LGW

    Tippmann Embosser

    ChicagoScreech Hi I think you are right. How is that doun? Bob Hartson. ( LGW )
  4. yes I have hear is a photo of them.
  5. What do you want to have it for A reviler or a aoto mackie I have both. This is for a aoto mackie.With 1 strap that hooks to the belt.Back & front view for a reviler it wold be the same
  6. LGW

    Tippmann Embosser

    Would You go for a $100.+ shipping? LGW
  7. Hi I am Bob Hartson, I am a Story teller and Writer most of my story's are made up from what I have seen and done, My poems are about what has happen in my life and other's who are and was close to me and that are still close to me. I am a artist and more. When you look at the things I have made with leather and restored, you will see how I have used all of my knowledge to do the best that I can to make what I am working on look super gooood. Hear is a Saddle I restored. This saddle had a cantle that was trash and lade back. The tree was covered with cheese cloth I made a new one to fit the bars & set upright. I all so made the stirrup's I then covered the tree with canvas.The leather covering I had to design to fit the tree. Most of the saddle was done by hand and sewed on a Boss.To see more what I have made go to ( Saddle & tack & what Ever Shack ) On Facebook. Thank for your time. LGW
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