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  1. Thank you that means a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts. Now onto making a watch strap Video
  2. Thank you I was torn between talking over the video and explaining each step or letting people view the video and learn from watching. I felt like It might be a bit too much information to talk over each step and I would be overwhelming the audience. I'm unsure if I will follow the same process on the next video or if I try and explain each step to the viewer. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the feedback, is there a specific topic you would like to see me cover? Yes, I do own a Fortuna, hot foil and a creaser but that doesn't mean that there aren't other ways of completing these tasks. I used these tools because I have them at my disposal, however I am aware that others most likely won't have them. I am assuming that people will know how to skive an edge manually or how to crease using a manual edge crease. These videos are not designed to be a full guide on "How to become a skilled leathercrafter " they are however designed to inspire people to try new things hopefully learn something along the way.
  4. I have been wanting to give back to the community for a while and have been tempted to record a number of videos helping others learn the craft. ( I am by no means an expert!) After many months of debating if I should do it, I thought why the hell not? So I have just launched the first video on my Youtube channel eeek!!! The first video is a build along with style, with a link to the free PDF pattern. I would love to get your guys thoughts on the video. .
  5. Sorry guys had to leave the country for a few days with family. I have received my new sharpening stone and after a quick test its giving off a lot more sparks so fingers crossed this brings the blade back to life. I have contacted Fortuna service agent in the UK and they want £125 before they will discuss prices for their parts etc so am looking into alternative options one of which is a 34mm rubber feed wheel that I have been quoted €77. After seeing a number of 50mm wheels online for sub £20 I am looking for an alternative supplier atm. I will upload a few photos of the machine and update the thread asap
  6. Thanks guys, I think Im going to go buy a rubber wheel as I hear that's best for fine leather. Anyone know if you can get the 50mm to fit in this machine?
  7. I have a tourch on standby that I will try and use. It’s definitely a stubborn one to remove. I think it’s collected years of dust and grim off the blade over the years and the result is this.
  8. Wow I thought replacing a few parts on my Fortuna was going to be hard! You are on a mission well done! Btw anyone know where you can buy a 34mm wheel from?
  9. Thanks I will google this Yea I just measured it it’s a 34mm wheel. Anyone know where you can get 34mm wheels at a reasonable price? All the Chinese ones are 50mm
  10. Wow some great information thank you guys, let me just recap. - Brake fluids are a stronger penetrating oil than wd40 this should be applied for 24 hours. - Heat could cause a worse issue. However what about if you didn’t heat the screw directly and you heated the surrounding metal? Wouldn’t this cause it to expand more than the screw? - Thanks for posting that instructions manual. However where can I buy those tools and where to use them as I only see 4 screws? - PB Blaster or an alternative could be used instead of brake fluid?
  11. Thanks for the reply, I will try and tap the back of the blade and see if that helps. I have infant soaked the screw holding the feed wheel in WD40 and even vinegar to try and clean it however still no joy. Its not an Allen key used to remove this instead a flap screwdriver see the attached images.
  12. I have recently purchased a used Fortuna Skiving machine. The machine is working however the blade is very dull and it has an old metal feed wheel and a well used sharpening stone. Also the belts are old leather straps that could do with tightening. After watching a few YouTube video I have embarked on restoring it and getting it back in tip top shape. However my knowledge on these machines is very limited so wish me luck! Can anyone help me with the following? 1. How do you replace the blade? I have striped the machine down and unscrewed the 4 screws in the blade however it’s still fixed in place. 2. Any tips on how to remove the feed wheel? The screw has seized and is causing me a lot of frustration. I’m about to attempt an impact driver and then heat. However welcome assistance. I’m sure there will be more questions soon! I will upload photos shortly.
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