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  1. I can hand sew it or carve it but this sewing machine stuff is totally alien to me, your much knowledgeable about it.
  2. Anyone got Steve’s phone number at the leather machine company in California. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, hope your doing well, now just pulling what little hair out I have in adjusting this thing lol
  4. Will order some, let me ask you a question, I will be making holsters, the doubled thickness will be about 16 oz will the 207 be ok for that?
  5. I am using 207 thread. I do have some 277, the two PCs of leather are about 8oz together.
  6. Just bought a new class 4 sewing machine and of course I am having issues. The problem is stitching in the back, the darker thread. The front seems to be ok, lighter thread. Maybe I can get some help. As you can see, the leather looks a little puckering up from stitch. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Recently purchase a cobra class 4, using 207 thread I am having a problem on front vs back. Front is acceptable(light thread) but back is not(dark thread). Any help would be appreciated.
  8. It’s actually molded from the back so locks in very well.
  9. A friend needed a small holster when he goes to meetings, etc. Only criteria it had to be black.
  10. Thanks all, tried 50/50 but felt it was too firm so added more oil turning it into a paste. I preferred it that way.
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