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  1. Wykoni

    Really confused about glue

    Ok, something I just discovered but others have know forever. For linings I used contact cement. Barge contact cement for most part. For something I really want to hold a void slippage and where there may be stress while I am stitching, I have found white elmers glue works great with clamps. Should have known this because I have been using this type glue in wood working all my life. Two glues, makes it easy.
  2. Wykoni

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    Where you get those and what are they called. I use a visor but that’s cool
  3. Wykoni

    18th Century Leather Edge Beveling

    Talked with the master leather craftsman at colonial Williamsburg. He has studied English 18th century leatherwork and he said during this period there is little evidence of beveling or burnishing. In my studies of this time period I have found Spanish product to be more decorated. Even when you go to American vs Mexican holsters you find the Mexican holsters to be more decorated then American during the 19th century. Probably why at one point Mexican leather Was more sought after. American in both century found more beauty in delicate stitching and fine leather finishing. You see this if you visit either Washington’s or Jefferson’s homes in Virginia.
  4. I totally agree with you on accuracy, not sure where the inaccuracy came from. As to why the average guy didn’t carry, pistols were much more the expense. As is today, you can buy a pretty good rifle or shotgun for less then most good quality pistols. Further, rifles were more accurate, easier to shoot And great for bushwhacking. There were very very few gunfights at noon. Dr. Holiday carried a shotgun to the ok corral. John Harding was known for using a rifle. Pat Garret was shot with a rifle. I think the famous picture of Billy the Kid shows him with both rifles and handguns. I think the idea about inaccuracy came from the distance they shot at but most hunters understand the basic concept of why shoot at an animal at 100 yards if you can get within 50 yards or better yet 25. Just good common sense. Like today, most gun fights are 10-20 seconds with 2 to 3 shots fired at 7 feet or less. That’s FBI stats. Oh well interesting topic.
  5. Wykoni

    Snap dots

    Thanks, ordered a snap tool
  6. Wykoni

    Snap dots

    Have a problem setting snap dots, 24 line specifically. I tend to bend the shaft, they set but a bit crooked. Give me advice on this.
  7. Wykoni

    Bronc Noseband

    Your using a lifter on peddles? Also who’s bar grounder
  8. Overall I think you did very well
  9. Wykoni

    Bronc Noseband

    Very nice and learned somethng
  10. Wykoni

    Tom Threeperson Holster

    Finished it last night
  11. Wykoni

    Atlanta Leather Craftsman

    Pretty simple things, Tandy in Atlanta has two shops in Atlanta, I am sure they can help you get started. Not sure if you want to learn to carve, if that’s the case they can also get you started.
  12. Wykoni

    Cobra class 4 sewing machine

    Yup big needles go through finger & bone lol
  13. Let’s get some background info. I talked to Steve a year back or so, because I do holsters and other heavier stuff a class 4 is what I need. I have never used a leather sewing machine, always hand stitched my stuff. I do have some concept of a sewing machine, wife owns a singer, so I know something that may or may not relate. Here is my question, how difficult is it to learn? Is the training curve extremely steep or is is pretty easy. Feedback would be appreciated.
  14. Wykoni

    Ruger LCP Holster

    That’s nice, like the basket weave...too bad the clip hide so much of it.
  15. Wykoni

    Basic wallet

    Just a basic wallet as a gift