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  1. Thanks all, tried 50/50 but felt it was too firm so added more oil turning it into a paste. I preferred it that way.
  2. Got some of both, thanks
  3. Has anyone tried using a wax finish to your vegetable tanned leather project. I am thinking of oiling the leather and once tried using some form of soft wax finish. Like maybe wood finish wax. I know it will soften the leather and in some cases that’s not a bad deal.
  4. Thanks Bill, it’s somewhere between 8-10 hours, long drive and with gas and hotel room won’t save any money but at least I will be able to touch & feel it.
  5. Well cowboy is closer, matter of facts could do a road trip...advantage of retirement. Lol. Thanks all.
  6. I am considering one of these two machines. I have talked with both Steve & Bob, but now want to get your Impute. Prices are about the same. I think cowboys basic machine is a little cheaper. Those things I know, can you provide more info on these machines. Thanks
  7. Weight was my question as I have built several cases and if not careful they are heavy. Pretty work, what is the color of the dye you used and outside weight of the leather. It looks machine sewed, if not excellent work, and if so excellent work.
  8. I buy a lot of Herman oaks belly from Springfield. They run about 28.00 per strip. I have holsters belt liners etc. carves good and is very economical.
  9. I am debating on a techsew 401 vs cobra class 4. Not sure which way to go. Price the cobra about $100.00 more. Spec wise, they look pretty close, warranty is about the same, so I guess it goes to dependability. I mostly make holsters and shooting bags and belts. Any help would be appreciated. I was thinking about a weaver manual but been talked out of that even though it’s about a 1000.00 less.
  10. Would prefer buy in USA. Can get one from Abby England at 150.00,Lb. Get a French one from Etsy at 180 including shipping. Like to get on in us
  11. Ok, something I just discovered but others have know forever. For linings I used contact cement. Barge contact cement for most part. For something I really want to hold a void slippage and where there may be stress while I am stitching, I have found white elmers glue works great with clamps. Should have known this because I have been using this type glue in wood working all my life. Two glues, makes it easy.
  12. Where you get those and what are they called. I use a visor but that’s cool
  13. Talked with the master leather craftsman at colonial Williamsburg. He has studied English 18th century leatherwork and he said during this period there is little evidence of beveling or burnishing. In my studies of this time period I have found Spanish product to be more decorated. Even when you go to American vs Mexican holsters you find the Mexican holsters to be more decorated then American during the 19th century. Probably why at one point Mexican leather Was more sought after. American in both century found more beauty in delicate stitching and fine leather finishing. You see this if you visit either Washington’s or Jefferson’s homes in Virginia.
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