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  1. Photos of the inside of the bags. I don't buy a car with out looking inside
  2. Thanks, it's only printed 2 times a year . Maybe you can give them some feedback
  3. Have any seen the new magazine in the UK called waxing the thread https://gdhleathercourses.co.uk/product/waxing-thread-issue-1/
  4. Thanks, I also have Rons edgers,. also it looks like its cat approved
  5. How Dose it compare to Ron Montana French skiver
  6. Joseph1836


    . What they dont say, Is the more you do the more you want, you'll start wanting more tools more leather. The better you get the happier you'll be , so welcome to a world of leather addition . And post your photos it's all good
  7. Thanks , got thinking I may even try some coffee grounds on the cellophane to
  8. Joseph1836

    Masonic stamp

    I made this one on my cnc router
  9. If you want to go old school, all you need is a rock and a dinosaur bone , or you may want to look into a priking wheel at Fineleatherworking.com
  10. Do you ever sail to the USA
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