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  1. Joseph1836

    Feedback on our Leathergoods website

    Photos of the inside of the bags. I don't buy a car with out looking inside
  2. Joseph1836

    Where can I find one

    Where can I find one
  3. Joseph1836

    leather working magazine

    Thanks, it's only printed 2 times a year . Maybe you can give them some feedback
  4. Joseph1836

    leather working magazine

    Have any seen the new magazine in the UK called waxing the thread
  5. Joseph1836

    French skivers

    Thanks, I also have Rons edgers,. also it looks like its cat approved
  6. Joseph1836

    French skivers

    How Dose it compare to Ron Montana French skiver
  7. What's kind of buckle you going to use
  8. Joseph1836


    . What they dont say, Is the more you do the more you want, you'll start wanting more tools more leather. The better you get the happier you'll be , so welcome to a world of leather addition . And post your photos it's all good
  9. Joseph1836

    How to distress leather

    Thanks , got thinking I may even try some coffee grounds on the cellophane to
  10. Joseph1836

    Masonic stamp

    I made this one on my cnc router
  11. Joseph1836

    How to distress leather

    Any one knows how this was done
  12. If you want to go old school, all you need is a rock and a dinosaur bone , or you may want to look into a priking wheel at
  13. May I ask why are you selling them
  14. Joseph1836

    Are girls allowed? :P

    Do you ever sail to the USA