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  1. .stl files are 3 dimensional files for 3d printers and lasers only do 2 dimensional.
  2. I just went through this exact thing. See my thread here and what I landed on
  3. I really didn't like how tight the belt was with this setup so I needed to either get a longer belt or a smaller pulley. I wasn't able to find a pulley with a 12mm shaft and 50mm in diameter or really anything close to that so I got one of these 2" and 1/2" shaft..... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004RAO8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 With a 1/2" bore it is .7mm larger than 12mm. If the pulley is centered than that's .35mm on each side. I simply put the pulley on the shaft and tightened the set screw not on the keyway area. I had thought of shimming with a cut up soda can since they are really thin, but the amount of runout is not even visible to the eye so I called it good. I also thought I might have to drill and tap in a second setscrew but so far I don't think it's needed. Since this pulley is designed for a 1/2" V belt, the 3/8" stock belt sinks down in the pulley a bit effectively making it closer to a 1.5-1.75" pulley. With this pulley installed, the belt had some slack in it and I was able to move the motor back a touch to get just the right tension. The Consew also sews a touch slower now which is always a good thing I think. It's not a drastic change but noticeable. All in all I am very pleased with the results Hope this info can help someone else out.
  4. What is the shaft size on the Familysew motors?
  5. My Consew project turned out to be a success. With the 6" pulley on the handwheel and the Sewquiet brushless motor installed it has slowed down to one stitch a second. The motor is set on 5, which is the slowest setting for this motor. The 6" Grizzly pulley I bought takes a 1/2" belt so the 3/8 stock belt sits down in the groove effectively reducing the diameter to 5 1/2" or so. The Sewquiet aluminum pulley is 60mm and the belt fits it fine. Shaft size on the motor is 12mm and It has a 3mm keyway. I might look more for a 50mm/2" 1/2" pulley with this shaft size but I haven't found one yet. Would be a good thing to get a 1/2" belt on it and with the motor fully retracted the belt is now a bit snug. As it is, it walks through 3/8" of hard Veg Tan leather like it was butter. No hesitations, no grunts, and no odd noises at all it just goes about it's business. I haven't done anything but test sewing on it yet but my wife couldn't wait to do some! The machine is still sitting in the garage and she was out there sewing up some leather purses that were giving her high end quilting machines trouble as they were just too thick to sew. The Consew sewed them easily and she had a big grin on her face. Very pleased with the results!
  6. I wish they made more airsoft replicas... I have a few but there's not many available. Lookin' good btw
  7. The 4500 is $2600! Or, if you can provide a link for $1500 I will buy one! https://www.tolindsewmach.com/cb4500.html
  8. Here's a few things I have made.... coasters, bamboo cutting board, and a couple ceramic tiles. Tiles are white tile painted black then lasered.
  9. If you guys have facebook, check out the group- 'That dude with a laser' There's lots of good info on laser engraving on there. My laser has the Ruida controller and I use Lightburn. Great program. There's a free trial of it if you want to check it out. $80 US to buy but its worth it I think. I do most of my dxf editing in it. If you only want to convert to black and white check out Gimp - https://www.gimp.org/ It's free and open source. Been using that for years. I also use Corel Draw and Paint shop pro for editing. Inkscape is another for vector work.
  10. ? The one I ordered is the sewquiet. The switch and buttons are on the motor. Which one were you referring to?
  11. I engrave leather and cut it too but for a makers mark, I would suggest getting some cast acrylic. Engrave your design into it and it will stamp wet leather nicely. Do it all the time and I use a 1/2 ton arbor press for the stamping process. Harbor Freight cheapie works fine. You can make up any stamps you like. Just keep engraving it till the design is 3/16 or so and you will be good. Once you get your settings down it can be done in one pass. I find it best if the acrylic is 1/2" thick for strength but you can glue 2 - 1/4" together to get the thickness and 1/4 is much easier to cut. I have a 50 watt co2. Probably won't work so good on thin chrome tan but works wonders on veg. Brain cells? I knew I had some around here somewhere.... let me check
  12. So I joined this forum a couple years ago and have been browsing around ever since. I just recently started posting due to needing some advice on a sewing machine I bought used. Here I am anyway so I thought I would say hey.... I mostly make holsters but make wallets and bags along with a few other items. Here's my website if you wanna take a peek - https://lakeshoreleather.com/ Until recently all my sewing has been done by hand. This sewing machine deal is interesting but I don't know if it will catch on cheers!
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