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  1. Wow - I came here in a shameful online search for someone who has made watch strap patterns already and ended up reading every single post in this thread. The commraderie and quality of this community has blown my mind. Amazing job guys and thank you so much @tboyce ! You're a legend!
  2. I have a quick question about the handle - what is the long metal piece called that you rivet underneath the flap so that it doesn't fold up when you carry it? Where did you find that? Thanks so much
  3. try Lonsdale Leather. Based out of Vancouver and they have helped me out with some really nice stuff in the past. Give them a call and they will send pictures or skype or whatever is the best way to show you what you are buying beforehand. Ordering is straightforward and the service is really great! Here's the link: www.lonsdaleleather.com/
  4. My brand has hand stitched every product from A to Z since day 1 and in fact, it has been a massive competitive advantage. If you're not concerned with the longevity of the product, then machines are the way to go, but if you are looking for the strongest and long lasting stitch possible, you're completely right to go with hand stitching. Not to mention the stitch looks beautiful on the front as well as the back! The only thing I would suggest is to see if you like the look of the edges being finished on this one. I think it's going to enhance the aesthetic and properly sealing/ waxing/ painting/ polishing the edge will help keep the oils in the leather healthy and looking new for longer. Nice work!
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