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  1. Nice!! I am very interested! Im new to leatherworking, and have been wanting to make myself one, I've got a strap just waiting to be used!!
  2. Been really wanting a nice Arkansas stone.. but like most of us, aint got the money to blow on it!! Well today i hit the jackpot!! Showed up pretty late for a garage sale and asked if they were done, they told me nope come get what you want its all free! They were told me they were selling the house and going to be living on a sailboat and everything thats not gone by tomorrow is going to the dump and just needed people to lighten there load! Also scored a very old shoe shining kit leather bull whip and leather tool belt! Plenty of other stuff too! imgtopdf_generated_3007170145013.pdf
  3. Still pretty new to leather working, but ive been doing tons of research, asking alot of questions and going through tandy scrap leather like crazy, done a few little projects as well to practice tooling, dyeing, laceing, etc. So I've got an ok base to start with and wanting to try my first real project. So my question is... lace on a firefighter radio strap, what would be the problem with that, and is it going to hold up?. Ive been searching the internet, and on here and have found no results with a custom radio strap with lace. So im thinking there has to be a reason. Yes i realize that on the strap itself where it sits on your shoulder would be a bit uncomfortable and probably rub bad. But maybe some on the radio holster, and possibly sections of the strap doesn't seem like a bad idea... i saw on tandy they have whats called "logger lace" which meets NFPA standards (basically approved for fire gear) was going to try and use some of that. Lace on strap would be for decorative purpose. (Leaning more on a plate braid rather than edge for strap because i think it would rub less) Lace on holster would be used to for assembly.. Let me know what yal think.. preferably a fellow firefighter that uses them and has some experience with them. But any thoughts are appreciated! Also. Dyeing logger laces and laces of that type of leather. If anyone has tryed that id love to here what the outcome was... i know latigo is pretty much set on what ever color you buy. But idk about the logger lace.. let me know what yal think! I have pictures of my EO'S strap for a referance and im going to photoshop them to try and show some of the ideas i have for it and put them into a pdf to post on here. Look at it and tell me what you think! Thanks for taking the time to read! imgtopdf_generated_2506171206036.pdf
  4. Also ill be drilling holes in the top of the winebox for the mauls and adding straps for the rulers into the winebox... lol this is also great stuff if you live in a tiny apartment like me and have no room for storage..
  5. Lol! +1 for the legos! Thats good stuff! Nothing works better than the stuff u rig yourself.. also addition to the tool holder i made... i wood clued a piece of cardboard in between the top and bottom and cut holes in it so the tools wouldn't shift around.. ill upload pics.. works great now tool holder
  6. Im a fireman and new to leather working and looking into making a personal strap for myself.. ill let yal know how mine turns out... but i saw how some of yal use yals strap and wanted to tell yal how we don ours and why... we have pouches in our gear but its only velcro that holds it. And ive had a fireman who lost they're radio because it just fell out and that could have been very bad... we put ours on under our coat and pull the mic out from the top and clip it to to the out side of our gear right under our mask.... being under the coat protects the radio from some of the heat and helps it not get snagged. Hope this helps a brother!! Stay safe boys!
  7. Hello, im just getting into leather work, and im a fireman. I was wanting to make some personal items like this eventually when i start getting good at it. I know EVERYTHING we have is "rated" for fire. Do you have any advise on materials that would be best to use for the radio strap. Like brass vs. Steel. Or the type and oz of leather used? Any advise is appreciated!!
  8. BOOM! put it in a pdf, and was able to upload. Let me know if it doesn't work, also great advise yal. Thanks yal! imgtopdf_generated_2106171316054.pdf
  9. Hello, i am just starting out and i figured out real fast that this is a VERY expensive hobby starting up, but I've found and made some things to cut cost that i wanted to share with yal to help out, ill label whats free, and what i payed for and how much. 1. FREE... wine box from any liquor store.just ask them if they have one to give to you, they just throw them out. Makes a tool holder, storage box.. anything you want, just be creative. 2. CHEAP...Bar soap containers. 1$ at walmart... for holding all your small stuff you want to keep separate. Like the swivel knife and stamps. 3. CHEAP/FREE.Trash bags/walmart bags. Used to lay down under leather when dying. Be careful with walmart bags though, alot of times they'll have holes and not as flat. CHEAP... tool storage boxes.. bought a pack of 4 of them at walmart for 9 bucks. Good for keeping things organized. FREE/CHEAP... old white t-shirts.. instead of throwing away the old white work shirts. Keep them cut them up. Good for tons of stuff.. buffing towels, speading glue and dye, what ever you can think of. CHEAP... stanley box knife. Couple bucks at wal mart and you can get 50 blades for 5 bucks i believe. FREE/CHEAP... BOOKS! Scribd.com 8 bucks a month and you get a ton of books(including al stohlman)..you can also download them onto your phone, using your free 30 day trial(wink, wink).. and if you cancel membership before the month is over you dont pay a dime. Again (wink wink) its not letting me put up the pics so if you want to see them, or have any questions, send me a message and ill send them to you somehow! Addition! Ill add stuff as i think of them and do them... The internet/youtube!! I have already learned a ton of stuff off youtube, and when you have a better understanding of what your doing and how to do it you'll waste less products and save money... Tandy leathers offers a free beginner's class go take it!!
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