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  1. What an ignorant rant suck.


    i pity you. Being so angry and ill tempered. French eh?

    1. mikesc


      No..Irish..I pity those whose copyright work you keep using without their permission while trying to make yourself look good.

  2. Awesome being a member here. Nice to welcome others into the forum. Enjoy your time well spent while in the forum. Chas
  3. It was nothing really, only a word I have an affinity for. That's it. I'm not sure what you are referring to, that you feel slighted somehow? Not my concern either. Chas
  4. Just samples that I had saved for my own future reference. Only sharing. See Pinterest. ;-) Why, do you like them? I believe they were painted with a syringe type stylus. Very fine. Chas
  5. If your thread ever does break, cut the long piece, undo a few back stitches, tie those ends up, and start your sewing over. Follow the previous diagram I posted above. Chas
  6. I thought these painted letters on leather looked quite attractive. It would take a steady hand. Chas
  7. Thanks Mutt, yes, we must be more aware of our needs, but do it Economically. Haha So much of what we use in this hobby is way overpriced as it is.. Chas
  8. Certainly there are probably numerous other ways to do this similar stitching pattern, and I am only sharing one way, that two seperate waxed threads can be easily joined for our stitching purposes in this post. I hope that you and others here will continue helping me learn from your vast experience and knowledge. Chas
  9. Hi, yes sure give it a try and see how it progresses. You can practice, by doing a couple of first stitches on two pieces of scrap leather. Tie a couple pieces of thread together, make your first stitch, with the knot above the split. Then as you get more comfortable and used to using this particular method, it will become second nature. . . I know it may be uncomfortable at first, & seem so foreign. But once you've done it a couple of times, it will be much easier. Chas.
  10. Happy if you liked them. Yes, the Ashley Book of Knots is fantastic. It's much like an encyclopedia. Large & heavy, with lots if pages, jam packed with valuable descriptive info and much more . On another note, it would be cool to wear a pair of fancy comfortable woven shoes. They must be cool in the summer. Think they look like a challenging and rewarding challenge. Chas
  11. Use a stool, Apple box, lower side table. Anything that suits your comfortable height requirement. Garage and yard sale discoveries can yield some interesting things, if you go in with our hobby needs in mind. Chas
  12. You can Beginning a stitching project with two colors, is easy. You would follow the same procedure as if you had been sewing, and your thread had broken. To neatly Join two threads in an ordinary knot, now to start sewing, you would make your first stitch in what ever hole you wish, but leave the knot on top of the leather above outside on the thin edge your first stitch, don't try and burry it. Make the first stitch, then begin sewing as usual. You might even do a couple of back stitches and proceed forward. Then you can clip/snip the knot off. Seamless... Just as with a single thread, we line up our two needles with the thread in the center of the hole, but here, we begin with the knot on top of the center then push both needles through the first hole, leaving our first stitch around the vertical of the first hole, then proceed stitching horizontal as usual. It's a smart method of joining two shorter pieces of waxed thread that were left over from a previous project. That knot, between two joined strands, has been a concern of many leather workers and other craftsman. This solution, seems one of the simplest, while saving the integrity of your previous stitches. I don't see why four colors couldn't be used. ;-) Chas
  13. Sorry you missed out on that old stitching horse. Better luck next time. There will be other unique finds, no doubt. ;-) Chas
  14. I thought this would be an interesting project. Chas
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