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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if this motor is worth anything? would someone reuse this? I took it off my machine as replaced with a servo. The clutch motor was way too fast and powerful for me. The original motor worked fine at the time. I just don't want to throw it out if it has a use. Thanks for advice.
  2. Well I wasn't actually there when the machine was serviced, my partner was so I got the info second hand. The serviceman said that by having my servo motor set only to level 1, which is the slowest it can go, the machine was then putting too much tension on the thread and it kept snapping. By turning the machine up a few levels, this has reduced the tension load placed on the thread by the machine. Now as a relative newbie I don't know whether this is poppycock or not I do know that my machine is running better now. I gather you may be thinking that it shouldn't matter what speed the servo motor is set at?
  3. Thanks CowboyBob - I am taking more notice of this top thread tension now and as you said it has reduced the number of times that the thread tangles underneath.
  4. An update to this thread for any newcomers with an old Consew that may have similar problems and be reading this right now. Despite the guidance provided in the machines manual (and the Singer manual which is virtually the same) my machine in particular does not really like it when you mess around with thread sizes and needle gauges. It is very happy at the moment sewing with Tkt 60 (v46, T45) thread and a 14/90 needle. Also the instruction manual says to put the needle in the wrong way around, it could just be the way I was reading it, but the scoop out section near the eye of the needle needs to face TOWARDS the bobbin housing. If I put Tkt 30 (V92, T90) and a 19/120 needle, the machine will sew for a while but then gets very unhappy again and the thread tangles. Same happens with Tkt 40 (V69, T70) and a 16/100 needle. I put the smaller and needle and thread back in and it's happy again. Some of these combinations seem to have the thread a bit fat for the needle, like there is some friction so by going up a needle size it does make a difference, but I think I still have some tension issues on my machine. So this is probably just an idiosyncrasy of my particular machine or maybe I don't know quite enough about how to adjust it properly yet. I was hoping to use bigger thread to mimic the look of hand stitching on thicker leather, but I am happy for now with the look of the ticket 30 thread. Also the addition of the servo motor really was a game changer (thanks to the advice of users on this forum for guiding me through that!). I have also had the machine serviced by a professional since then and there were a few issues with it. I had the setting of the servo motor too slow, he adjusted it up to 20 and that made a big difference. Also the check spring part featured in the video above by Uwe, the serviceman actually bent the already bent part of this in further as it was not preventing the thread from jumping out during sewing. Note - this was a brand new part purchased from SouthStar (http://southstarsupply.com ) who I totally recommend if you need Consew parts. There was nothing wrong with the part as such, but the modification made a difference on my machine. Happy sewing! and don't give up, it takes perserverence! ps. I did also end up figuring out what all of the attachments, edge guides etc do.
  5. This is a VERY delayed response, but I just wanted to finish this thread by adding what I ended up with. I bought the Ho Hsing motor that I linked to originally. http://www.sewingmachinesaustralia.com.au/shop/buy-accessories/motors/ho-hsing-g60-servo-motor.html I am very happy with it, it was very easy to install, the hardest part was the weight of the sewing machine and the weight of the original motor. The instruction sheet is a little quirky, you kind of have to look very closely for how to operate it and change the speed. I would recommend this motor to anyone who was in the same boat as me, aka giant beastly industrial machine that you can't control :). One thing I will point out, having just had my machine serviced by a professional - I had the speed control set too low. Apparently this was creating far to much tension in the machine and as a result my thread kept snapping within a few stitches. I now have the speed sitting on 20 which is slow enough to control but allows the machine to run better. Apparently having it set at one or two was likened to driving up the blue mountains in first gear...
  6. Thanks for the advice, the aspirator really makes sense and I didn't notice that one was not attached. Hand skiving is messy enough. I'm patient, I'll bide my time and hopefully pick up something second hand for a reasonable price.
  7. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has heard of the machine below and whether it's a good model? I've had a few sales this year and I think investing in a skiving machine will be a game changer for me. I make a lot of bags and smallish items where bulk on the seams is problematic. I have a small hand skiver but it's not really cutting it GOLDEN WHEEL CS747 http://www.imsmachines.com/products Not really sure where else I would buy one from? Appreciate any feedback. Carrie
  8. Thanks Darren, that looks reasonable. For some reason the messaging function is not working for me. Is there another way I can contact you?
  9. Thanks everyone, very helpful info. I'll do some more comparisons. Seems like the brand doesn't really matter too much? Silverback - can you tell me the specific name of the facebook page? I did some general searches for leather Australia but couldn't find much. thanks
  10. Hi, Well this brand - https://reliablecorporation.com/collections/motors - seems to get good reviews on a few different sewing forums, I was particularly reading some threads on the hotrodders.com forum in the upholstry section. There are a few sellers of these on ebay and other sites. I was looking at this one - http://www.allbrands.com/products/10568-reliable-sewquiet-6000sm-variable-speed-dc-servo-m - where they retail at $199US. In Australia I was looking at these - http://www.sewingmachinesaustralia.com.au/shop/buy-accessories/motors/ho-hsing-g60-servo-motor.html - at $425 which is really a lot more than I was hoping to pay. I just don't want to order something online and have it turn up and feel like a dummy because I didn't consider something important. Carrie
  11. Hi all, I have a consew 226R and I'm ready to put a servo motor on it for more control. My problem is that most of the recommended motors on leather forums, like the Reliable motors (which seem reasonable for well under $200au), are all for sale overseas or on ebay. Whilst some of them look like they have the voltage option for Australia, which is 220v, I can't tell if they would then have an Australian plug. The motors that are for sale from Australian vendors all look extremely expensive to me by comparison, around $400au. I'd really appreciate any info from fellow Aussie leather workers who have been down this path. And from anyone else too of course, if you have seen this type of question before. Regards, Carrie.
  12. So I have no idea what the big screw is for or even if it goes with the machine, I also can't work our where to put the weird hook with the slotted end but I'm pretty sure the net thing is a roller foot or edge guide of some type? In the next photo these seem to be feet for working with big edges, like the beading on car seats or something? Appreciate any tips here. I read the other thread on home made edge guides, but they didn't really help me with the above attachments. Thanks.
  13. Thanks leecopp - I also have a copy of that manual which I downloaded from the web - it's definitely more helpful than the consew manual. I also have a copy of the parts manual which I downloaded from South Star Supply online which has been very helpful when dismantling and reassembling for cleaning etc. When I bought the machine many of the parts were not attached, there was just a big bag of random screws and rods and things. NCArcher - that is indeed a very kind offer. I live near the airport. I am not financially ready to invest in a servo motor yet but will definitely be in touch for advice when I do. In the meantime I have adjusted the brackets that attach the foot pedal, and I can control the machine fairly well. I have found this is also easier when the room is warmer (its winter in Aus currently). It seems a bit smoother rather than jarring fast and slow. I have also found a bunch of extra parts which I will post a photo of. I think they are additional feet with an edge guide, perhaps for top stitching? as well as a flat plate which I have no idea of how to attach, plus a roller guide. I'm hoping that if I learn how to use these, I can really start to sew in straight lines! Please don't laugh - but is this what this flat piece is for?
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