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  1. Oh ok! Is the leather work glove MADE of leather or specifically FOR leatherwork?
  2. Hello all, I use a heating iron to heat my custom stamps, then transfer the stamp to my piece of leather and finally use my 1 ton arbor press to get a good impression on my leather. I have been using an oven mitt to transfer the stamp from the heating iron to the piece of leather. It's a bit uncomfortable but it worked alright. Well now the heat from the stamp has burned a hole in the mitt. Any suggestions on gloves I can use to handle the stamp? Also, would a heat gun work well for heating my stamps? Thanks!
  3. thanks again to everyone who helped me figure this out. I just had to heat the stamp up a bit more and leave the pressure on it a bit longer. They turned out better that I had hoped
  4. Thank you so much for your responses on this. Just for kicks, I tried it with heat and a 1 ton arbor press. Here is my result. I'm fairly pleased with these but I'm not sure if they sunk into the leather as much as I would've hoped. What do you all think?
  5. Just looked at the price for one and they are pretty expensive. In the future I may be able to get my hands on one. Do you think an arbor press would suffice for now? I figure it's worth a shot
  6. So heat the stamp with a heating iron, take the stamp off while still hot and then press it with an arbor?
  7. Yea I figured I would have to invest in an arbor press soon. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hey guys, my name is Ben Sharrett and I'm new to the forum. Ive been doing leatherwork for about 6 months now and recently purchased some buffalo leather to make some coasters out of. Upon receiving the leather I noticed it had a very shiny coating on it that has prevented me from stamping with a hammer or burning with a heating source. I also tried sanding the finish off of some pieces and it still didn't work well. Is there anything I can do in order to be able to use my custom stamps on these? Thanks! Ben
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