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  2. ksadz

    First little project

    huh? i learned it as a 6 bight 7 part turks head with a herringbone interweave as you said. so is pineapple another name for turk's head?
  3. ksadz

    First little project

    Thanks Mike. I'm not the brightest bulb with knot tying so the closest I've got to a pineapple is just staring blanking at the book. Will try learning it soon. Just curious. Did you go straight from paracord to rawhide? I'm using the lace from tandy and hope the change to rawhide won't be too steep. I plan on getting a cutter soon to make string.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to learn braiding and knots to eventually make my own rawhide horse gear. I almost gave it up a few times when I just couldn't figure out how to tie a basic turk's head with the books right in front of me! Something kept me going and I owe a big thanks to you guys on this board for all the information. Anyways I finally made something... It's an 8 strand braid with 4 bight gauchos for those little bands a 6 bight over the combined terminal knot of the braiding. Any suggestions and feedback are more than welcome. I plan to keep plugging away, learn some more knots and start playing with rawhide soon. Hobbles, bosals, and romal reins are the ultimate goal. Gear for myself because it's so expensive to buy. Thanks for lookin, Kevin
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