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  1. Sterlclan1

    what do you do for a living

    dirt worker,(excavator), truck driver,ase certified master auto body technician ,the dirt thing pays most of the bills.
  2. Sterlclan1

    recycled table and top

    the frame was some kind of shoe display its all tubing and had three square tubes on top, worked out that two run right under the machine,the other just misses the motor mount. the top is two layers of 5/4 pine boards and finished with automotive 2k clear. the drip pan is a slant 6 Chrysler oil pan. as soon as the right needles get here im off and running...
  3. Sterlclan1

    211g165 upper thread looping

    watched some really good videos (thanks uwe) checked the whole machine out adjusted the timing a little and adjusted the seems to be better,thanks for the help cowboy bob i think the take up lever thing was the trick,it sure is different than the 1909 new home shuttle machine i started with.
  4. Sterlclan1

    211g165 upper thread looping

    so that will pull the last loop out ?it would be the last stitch making the loop?if i stitch by hand i can see it catching but it slides off, at speed i cant see whats going on.I have made a few decent runs just not consistent.
  5. Sterlclan1

    211g165 upper thread looping

    yeah but its the top thread that makes a long loop,it gets caught and travels around with the hook tightening the top tension makes no the end of the stitch run when you pull the fabric out there is three top thread strings and one bobbin thread,cut the top thread and the long piece will come out.
  6. I recently picked up a 211g165 it had fabric sewn in when i got it.oiled it built a table and tried it out...the first pass went well,but only managed to get one like that. the upper thread catches the hook fine but as the loop slides off the hook it loops and catches the back side of the curved part that holds the bobbin case in(it has two screws and and if you remove them the case comes out) is this a timing issue or a tension issue? if i try enough i can get a good run of stitches without the extra loop and even with the extra loop the stitches look fine. it appears that the take up spring disk is worn some there is a groove where the thread goes over the little tab any advise? the screwdriver is pointing to what he loop catches when the needle starts to rise at that time the edge of the clamp is under the needle plate thanks Jeff
  7. Sterlclan1

    Automotive Door Panel Recovery

    I too jumped right in. i used clear plastic and spray adhesive,tracing the lines where i wanted the seams..