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  1. i second the youtube guy....from what ive found you will have trouble getting the upholstery guys to give any help. look at the hot rod sites some good advise there . the hog ring forum is of no use to a diy type guy they wont even let you look at the posts without a business doing upholstery.
  2. found this on thingverse 50MM_V-Belt_Pulley.zip
  3. it smooths the top surface by running the nozzle over the last layer while feeding just a little filament it moves in the opposite direction of the last printing movement and fills the ridges smooth.no more heat just melts the top smoother
  4. cura has the option of ironing the top for a smoother finish.its in the advanced settings
  5. Old sewing machines Harley triumph and Jeep they don’t leak they mark their turf. If it’s leaking it has oil.
  6. The gun is an 85%version of the original 1911 so the pattern was reduced to 85% of the Springfield one that’s floating around. ( thanks jls) it’s only the second holster I’ve ever done as most of my sewing is seats and soft tops. It’s left handed and works great got the bug now and working on a hunting knife sheath. I have loosened the presser feet and replaced them with smooth ones to avoid presser marks in future projects in leather.
  7. Have tried a few different ways. Still practicing but learning. Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks I’ll try some before committing to the actual holster.
  9. I’m looking to dye some leather for my holster would I dye the edges before burnishing? I’ve been practicing edges ant they look pretty good. Now to the dye process. I have made a few holsters as practice with some uphoyleather glued together to get the thickness right. Now for the “real “ one. Thanks Jeff.
  10. dirt worker,(excavator), truck driver,ase certified master auto body technician ,the dirt thing pays most of the bills.
  11. the frame was some kind of shoe display its all tubing and had three square tubes on top, worked out that two run right under the machine,the other just misses the motor mount. the top is two layers of 5/4 pine boards and finished with automotive 2k clear. the drip pan is a slant 6 Chrysler oil pan. as soon as the right needles get here im off and running...
  12. watched some really good videos (thanks uwe) checked the whole machine out adjusted the timing a little and adjusted the needle.it seems to be better,thanks for the help cowboy bob i think the take up lever thing was the trick,it sure is different than the 1909 new home shuttle machine i started with.
  13. so that will pull the last loop out ?it would be the last stitch making the loop?if i stitch by hand i can see it catching but it slides off, at speed i cant see whats going on.I have made a few decent runs just not consistent.
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