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  1. Hello. I am restoring a Consew 118 walking foot industrial sewing machine. The outer walking foot will not go up/down. The inner foot goes up and down. I'm trying to figure out how to get the outer & inner walking feet to work properly. I have posted my first ever YouTube video illustrate the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been tinkering with for weeks now and am frustrated.
  2. I purchased a Consew 118 and it won't stitch. It's obvious from cleaning and observation that the needle is very deep when the hook passes above the needle. I have the operator guide but not the service manual. It's obvious I need to adjust the needle bar height and timing but I cannot find any documentation. Plus, I can't even locate the screws to adjust the hook timing, it appears to be one factory assembled unit. Can anyone guide me to a service manual, or video, or share any information to help me adjust the needle bar and timing for a Consew 118? Thank you very much for your help. Mark in Colorado. PS: One picture shows how deep the needle is and the hook is at the very top where the uppper notch is. The other picture shows the back of the hook assembly where I thought I would find the timing screws, but there are none. thanks again.
  3. I found a walking foot machine with reverse that fits my budget ($450). It's the CONSEW 118. I haven't found too much info on YouTube for this machine. The seller claims it was a back-up for him and has been stored indoors for the life of the machine. The pictures seem to support his claim as it is a clean machine. I intend to use this machine for leather wallets, backpacks, messenger bags using thinner leather. I'd like to do some basic holsters and upholstery in the future. I would very much appreciate your honest opinions, especially information regarding; space parts vendors/availability, needle recommendations, where to purchase additional presser feet, etc. Thank you all. Mark in Colorado.
  4. Mark59

    Just purchased a Singer 211g166. Dream Come True

    computerdoctor consider this machine. I am saving up for it. great support and it's a good quality machine if you can do without a free arm.