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  1. Got a problem with my foot getting stuck in up positionen, i need to push it down after i lift the foot I have oiled all parts but cant figure out where it getting stuck. /Stor
  2. Thank you all for your responses ! This one is simple and perfect ! Thanks Dikman ! /P
  3. My Juki lu 563 is coming along, change the hook to get it to accept a thicker thread in the bobbin and the new servo is doing a good job with my speed reducer, however, i got another problem. I would like to free up my right hand when i do reverse stitching and my question is ! Is there a way to disable the spring on the reverse lever so i don't need to press it down while I'm stitching reverse? /P
  4. stor

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    No worries ! Maby one of the guys above can point you in the direction of a seller if you dont wanna go thru the pain of 3d printing one, but if you do wanna 3d print one let me know and ill send you the file.
  5. stor

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    yes, thats the plan now when i know it works.
  6. stor

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    Slowest i could run on the slowest speed (500) The knocking sound is the hook hitting the needle, i just switched my hook (B1830-563-BA0) to get thicker thread at the bottom and i need to adjust the distance from hook to needle. sorting it out tomorrow.
  7. stor

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    I did find alot of 40-45 mm pulley but none that fit my 13 mm axel that my Jack have and i guess i could have spent more time to trying to find the right one but in the spirit of DIY whats the fun in that ? i learned 2 new skills and hopefully inspiring someone in the process. I keep you posted on the progress.
  8. stor

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    Thanks ! i was around for the original run of MacGyver ! Printed it in PLA as test, see how it holds up, where not sure it would work at all and my backup plan was to do a speed reducer with a large and small pulley. /P i sort it out tomorrow.
  9. I got a Juki lu-563 and as soon as i got it i took the old clutch motor out and now i use it as a boat anchor I invested in a Jack JK-563A-1 servo motor and its nice ! However ! its abit to fast for me even at its slower speed and when i did some digging around i found that i wasn't the only one with that problem and tried to find a good solution for it without spending 2-300 euros on top of that and i figured a smaller pulley would do the trick but couldn't find any 40 mm pully for it. After some brainstorming i figured I just make a 3d model of what i needed and hired a 3d printer owner to print it for me and it arrived today, i needed to drill out the hole and do some file work to get it to fit and now it installed. I printed it in PLA as a test and gonna run in until it falls apart but im surprised that it works so well ! im totally happy with the speed now, i can do a recording if anyone wanna see the speed. Here is a few photos Kind regards Peter - Antfarm steel & leather
  10. Thank you ! that fixed it and i went with a smaller needle aswell to get less blowout. /P
  11. the problem isn't the knot, the problem is that the bottom stitch is tighter and digs into the leather more than the top stitch. Looked a lot worse with a TRI needle, using a RTW now, couldn't find any S.
  12. My top stitches look great but bottom stitch is to tight and cuts into my leather when I loosen the top stitch nothing really happens except that the loop shows up in the bottom. Or maybe I'm using the wrong size needle? Or am i just being picky about how it looks? Using a Juki lu-563 - #15 thread and size 160 needle
  13. Any proper 3d application like 3d studio max or Maya can extrude a black and white image and apply it to a cylinder they way you want.
  14. Bottom disk on my tension is broken off and i cant figure out how i get to it so i can replace it ! Its a singer 29k8. /P