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  1. I case my leather, etch, cut, whatever it is I am doing, then I clean it right up with more water and a toothbrush...no soot from cuts or engraved, and when done it looks like a stamp...mine is a contained unit, so I cant use any finishing products beforehand...just plain ol veg tan...
  2. Thank yall much, I reckon I am on the hunt for 180, in the 135x16s...too many dang numbers in these needles for my feeble mind to grasp...lol..but I will get it down...
  3. Been using a Boss for years, bought a nice used 1541, been running round point 135x17, I found some 135x16, 140 size 22...is this the biggest? What would be the biggest needle I can run in this machine? I have searched here, looked at the manual, and googled, but I guess not understanding what all the numbers on the needles mean is a hinderance... I would like to run a 138 nylon thread, and should I run the same size in the bobbin? Or a size smaller?
  4. I have had my GF for about 4 yrs...had my first issue a couple months back...my warranty had long been gone and I was really worried about replacing it...it went dark...(prolly from me burning stuff I wasnt suppose to)...so I emailed them....they agreed to send me a refurbished Plus model just like I had, with a new warranty. It did cost me a grand...but mine was fried...I am back up n running, and it has paid for itself over and over....I make custom stamps, burn plywood, etch tiles, & etch and cut leather goods with mine, and that was the first issue ever...and it was remedied in less than 2 wks total down time...the only negatives you will hear are from people who have not bought one..
  5. I ended up selling this stitcher to a Canadian...he paid what I had in it, and for some reason hauled this thing back to Canada to put into a museum...lol...from Germany, to Fla to its resting place in Canada...
  6. Needle plates....is what I bought for it...lol....I can't figure it out....
  7. I have an Adler 30-1 with cobbler bench that I have given up on. I don't really care to ship it, but if you want it my bottom price is $500.00 I bought a couple needle for it and it may seem like a dream for you, but I bought a Boss and will not look at this thing much longer...if u want pics look at my previous posts, I have put up pics, but don't have any loaded on this tablet...thank ya...
  8. I live in Tampa, I have an older Adler shoe patcher, and I am in desperate need of someone semi locally to look at and possibly bring her back to life, I have purchased the parts I knew were missing, but it still needs someone with a better eye....I hand sew all my stuff, I like it, but would love to be able to use this Adler....anyone have any clues?
  9. Update, package arrived from Constabulary....could not be happier, Adler parts definately fit an Adler machine....lol....now to learn a new art....the art of sewing with a machine...lol
  10. Thank you all very much, I have only just found this site and could not be more pleased with the help I have gotten...The parts are coming from Germany, and thank you again very much Constabulary...
  11. Constabulary, how much? And where do I send the money? I just got off work, and was dreading the process of grinding and drilling....lol
  12. Thank you very much Chayse...if it wasn't for the contours on that 29k plate I think I could get it down to size myself ( it almost fits), but it doesnt seat flat on the arm...so yeah it'll have to be flat..cant wait to get it going, to atleast figure out if I can machine sew...lol...or be stuck on a stitching pony my whole life....BTW I got it for 200 bucks, and it looks like that is all that is missing, probably fell off when the people where moving it after their grandma died...
  13. Now to find a used one somewhere in this great big world....
  14. From what I can make out the Adler plate should be more straight opposed to oblong. My next option is trying to machine the 29k to fit, but I would much rather buy one that fits
  15. Howdy, glad to have found y'all. Started doing leather sheaths only this year, and have been bitten by the bug. The only cure I have found is more leather....lol
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