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  1. You can see more pictures on posting here: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/art/d/cobra-class-4-premium-sewing/6349801639.html
  2. Hey everyone I'm selling a cobra Class 4 premium sewing machine. It's has less then 5 hours of running basically new. I have two of theses machines and would like to sell this one. Comes with everything you see in the pictures, two spools of thread and tools. Thank you. ernestomurillo92@yahoo.com
  3. Hey everyone finally fixed the problem. It's was actually a bad fuse on the clicker itself. Cheap easy fix thank you for your help!
  4. Hey everyone, does anyone have experience with actually setting up A rotary phase converter for a an Atom 25 SE clicker? I just set up my phase converter that I bought from American rotary phase converter. I'm 100% sure I've set up the phase converter properly and correctly. But after I apply the load from my Adam clicker the clicker itself doesn't seem to actually come on or starred up. Is there's something I'm missing here? I can't seem to figure it out. Any info would help thank you.
  5. Yes, what would you like to know?
  6. Hello, Im new to the forum I over the next week ill be post over a hundred dies for sale. First up I have some shoe sole dies sizes 6-13. They are in good condition but do have some surface rust but can be easily cleaned. $150 OBO Plus shipping and handling https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/art/d/shoe-sole-dies/6238695205.html
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