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  1. Leahlovesleather

    Crocodile edges. Can you burnish them?

    Look out!! Aussies everywhere!!,
  2. Leahlovesleather

    Calf Skin in Australia (NSW)

    Hi Coopergee, Try www.simonmartinwhips.com. He is based in Tasmania. He stocks veg. tanned kangaroo and also has thinner cow hide (which aren't showing on his website - but I know he has them :)). Simon is very helpful and happy to hunt around for something if it isn't in stock. Kangaroo is really good for wallets. I only buy small quantities. Mention that Leah from Perth sent you.
  3. Leahlovesleather

    Crocodile edges. Can you burnish them?

    Thank you for the comments everyone. The croc has arrived and various things you have said makes more sense now that I can see/feel what I am working with. A folded edge might work... will ponder it for a while before cutting anything.
  4. Hello all, I have ordered a baby croc. skin and this will be my first time using this leather. I will make a watch strap and maybe use kangaroo to line it; so I was wondering if I would be able to burnish thin croc and kangaroo together???? Any one know??
  5. Leahlovesleather

    stamps as suggestion

    They both look really great. I love the dragon story ;).
  6. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    Hunhunt, that is good to hear. The blade wasn't "scary sharp" so I have sharpened it a bit, but had to work too much over the weekend to spend any time on it. It is better, but will buy a good oil or wet stone in the next couple of days and really get stuck into it.
  7. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    I got the knife from. https://www.carbatec.com.au/marking-and-measuring/marking-knives/kiridashi-marking-knife The packaging is basic, everything is in Japanese but there is the name TopMan on it. It has a 21mm blade.
  8. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    Don't know what happened there. I don't have a head knife as I have only been interested in leatherwork for a few months. , They look a bot serious for me at this early stage and from what i have learnt, you should invest in a good one. This is the knife I bought: hopefully it loaded.
  9. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    I'm uprised you could understand a bloody word I said! I have turned auto text off in my settings, and I am starting to think it was a mistake. Head knives might be something I invest in later on. They look a bit scary.
  10. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    This is what I bought. The angle is very strep but I an gring that out a bit over time. Similar Japanese metal to yours garypl.
  11. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    Thank you for the comments. I found one locally, similar to garypl's and will have a look at it today. Cheers, Leah
  12. Leahlovesleather

    Advice on a skiving tool please

    I want to buy a skiver. I am using a safety beveller from Tandy and want something that is not disposable and holds its sharpness longer. Hobby Tools in Australia have this wood knife https://www.hobbytools.com.au/kirschen-carving-knive-with-long-wide-blade-skewed-edge/. Does anyone think it would be good for skiving? Has anyone used a ceramic blade? Sounds like they stay sharp longer but take a lot of effort to sharpen. Any thoughts welcome.
  13. Leahlovesleather

    Safety Beveller (skirver)

    I will try the Schik Injector blades. Thanks Howie for the suggestion. I live in Perth too,so hopefullythey aren't expensive here. Do they stay sharp longer?
  14. Leahlovesleather

    First ever bag!

    That's how good I wanna be! Especially like your lanyard. Did you keep track of how long it took to make? Leah
  15. Leahlovesleather

    Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Hi, I am new to leathercraft and bought a safety beveller, like the one Tandy sell (see second image). It is great for the first 5 minutes but the blade dulls quickly. I mainly make wallets and small goods. Is it worth sharpening the replaceable blades, or can anyone recommend what they believe would be the best skirver to buy. I was thinking maybe a french skirver like the one in the first image.