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  1. OMG, you guys and gals are the best! The answers I received here are awesome and so helpful. I have not figured out how to do individual replies to everyone, so pardon my ineptness in the threaded conversations here! Argh, so much to learn.
  2. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry for the delayed response. I have a couple of dead blow hammers and will try them out!
  3. I am new to leatherwork, though not to sewing and construction with fabrics. I understand the need for sharp knives. I also understand that without straight cuts, it is pretty much senseless to try to put something together. It seems I am, so far, totally incapable of cutting a straight line! Multiple knives, roller cutter, fresh blades, scalpels, all tried. The biggest challenges are leathers about 2-3 mm of different types. Those of looser temper are most challenging. A couple of questions about approach. I prefer to stand, and have a sit-stand work area so can adjust the height. Is it better to be closer to the work? Does distance of upper body (being closer) help with application of pressure on the knife? What is the best way to get a smooth continuous...and straight...cut? One major issue is keeping the leather still and flat, and holding the pattern on the leather...one or the other always seems to move, even on short runs of 8-10 inches. Longer runs wiggle more. I have tried weights with limited effectiveness. Do have self-healing mats and all sorts of rulers and straight edges and squares. So that is the first area needing some input. I see the pros and semi pros cutting giant pieces of leather perfectly straight by eye on You Tube. Obviously some of the control will come with experience. What are some other tricks? The other major question is how to hide or fix mistakes...that one (or 10) crooked or out of line stitch, a hole in the wrong spot, those wiggly lines that need straightening. Oh yeah, and how to keep hole punches from bouncing and making 2 impressions. If any of you have suggestions, tricks, tips, videos, It would be grand if you could share a few on these areas. Thanks!
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