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  1. Yeah, but for me it's that impossible...for now. ALthough I want to live someday on a place like this I guess. BUT, back on topic: how quiet are for example, electric machines? I've never had any real feel as I've never seen one sew alive.
  2. Yeah, that's the info I needed :D The thread is 346 probably (or equal to /10 to threads I'm getting in my country). I was thinking about the weaver's cub, but I doubt it's much quieter. Tippmann's problem is only foot striking down, nothing else actually. And cub seems to be simmilar loud, compared to tippmann here. But I solved the problem already: Spoke to other neighbours, noone can hear a single stitch from my appartment, figured out, that only this neighbour is p*ick. He's complaining over anything. I already sew from that time on, so this is it I guess. He's my floor, neighbour appartment. Below me there's noone. I will probably put some thick rubber below my machine aswell, but kinda doubt it's gonna make much quieter after it.
  3. So, I have had a Tippmann Boss for about 2 years now, and I must say, it did most of the job as it should. Its not perfect, but I'd rate it 5/7. This week, I got a neighbour complaint, that it's "too damn loud" so I have to upgrade machinery to electric one. I'm mostly working on belts, holsters, sheaths and bags, that's over 90% of my work. I am located in central Europe, Slovenia. A must-have for next sewing machine is: -electric, 110/230V, single phase -have to sew AT LEAST 10mm of veg tan (preferably more, but at least 10mm or 3/8") -top + bottom feed, can't leave no markings (sheaths, holsters, bags) -quieter than Tippmann (which shouldn't be a problem, since nearly nothing isn't loud as that anchor :D ) -preferably portable, so I can put it on my desk and take it off after work aswell. (something in size of tippmann would be perfect, but like a great philosopher Mick Jagger once said: "You can't always get what you want") Please let me know, what kind of machine would you take for this kind of job, what do you think about changing machines, any other suggestions and/or remarks
  4. Since originally Tippmann doesn't ship to Europe, I'm looking for alternative. If anyone has any bobbins to sell (2 should be enough) and/or flatbed, please let me know..if you're from Europe (or even from US but ready to ship).
  5. You can't imagine how I admire this work and therefore I cannot really just pass it without asking many many questions. But decided to ask only what's neccesery.Đ 1. What's this GEORGEOUS dye? I'd say it's dipped into neatsfoot, but I was never able to get this dye, so please share this info :D 2. What's holding those belt loops together, rivet or stitched together? Is is possible to get any additional pictures?
  6. BIG BIG thanks to @Constabulary, @Trox, @JJN and @Bert51. You helped me a lot, you narrowed the price down from 5k to 500-1k. This is BIG for me. Now, today I've been to local shoemaker shop and described my situation. When I said that the seller is asking for ~5k-ish for the machine, both of them agreed that in that price it should be included his car and half of garden. The reasonable price to offer would be ~250€ (or somewhere around 300$) and that's the only if the machine would be fully functional and operating as it should. The owner of the machine is a friend of my father and I find it DISGUSTING to try to robb me so hard. He's asking for 1000% of the real price. Thanks again to this forum, you guys are AMAZING.
  7. I understand. But the prices shouldnt vary too much over the world tho. Guy called me and told me to give him an offer by the end of the week and I have to come up with some price by then. I don't wanna offer too much, while I don't want to insult him either.
  8. Im sorry, I don't understand. What's the point of this link?
  9. So, a guy from my town is going out of business and he called me and said that I'm supposed to make him an offer for sewing machine Adler 5-27. The machine is in very very good shape and it has single phase servo motor. It hasn't been used much at all and i was told "it was in army warehouse for a long time as reserve machine" and that he only used it for about 20 hours or so. What price should I offer to him, what would be fair price for it?
  10. Searching for canvas material, which is simmilar (or even better, exactly the same) as old tarps used to be made of. Color doesn't matter much, as long as it is military color - camo, grey, green, brown, desert, etc. Doesn't matter very much. Would need 1-2m^2, but can't find supplier for that material anywhere. I'm interested in buying tarp as such aswell, could be torn (need it for parts to sew some other stuff).
  11. I have fully designed a wallet, which I will (as prototype) cut out with laser, but I'm lost how to create the coin pocket. Does anyone have a pattern for it maybe? I will be using 1.3/1.5mm or 3-4 oz. veg tan.
  12. Great work! Is there a sheet of leather between snake and knife too?
  13. Is there any difference for the machine itself - to use nylon or polyester thread? I'm currently buying new spool and to me (as unexperienced) doesn't make any difference at buying, but might to the product or machine itself?
  14. It seems I couldn't get an answer to this yet; is this thread okay to use on tippmann or not? https://www.ebay.com/itm/50M-150D-1mm-Waxed-Thread-Wax-String-fr-Leather-DIY-Sewing-Stitching-Craft-HighQ/333117384608?hash=item4d8f57e7a0:m:m1faykOtJqglgeM2bnzRMdg
  15. If I'd punch 40mm oblong hole for 40mm belt, that would be waaaaaaaaaaay too much for me. I use 25mm (or 1") oblong punch and i'ts just enough for me.
  16. lowering price to 50 USD, shipping worldwide included.
  17. Dwight highly dissagrees on that
  18. yeah, but I cannot find which one he meant. None of them above doesn't have thread size written. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/category/threads
  19. Looks decent, will buy that one from Tandy. I hope the one from the link is OK.
  20. Do you have any pictures of your work perhaps? From close look?
  21. And what needles to use with tippmann? Any special required? For 346 thread?
  22. Great! Thanks, that helps a lot. Is this the thread you're talking about? #346-Heavy ? Will take all 3 colors, hope it will work fine. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/polyester-machine-thread What about that thread I've mentioned before? I have several spools of that, is it still useful on Tippmann or should I use it just for hand sewing? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Sewing-Waxed-Thread-150D-1mm-Nylon-Hand-Stitching-Cord-for-Leather-Craft-DIY/173821144361?epid=17029957303&hash=item28788c2d29:g:hD0AAOSwyUpcfNuE
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