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  1. Those are hell of an advices, but the thing is, she aint my gf :D
  2. nope, dont have any. Neither it's white, so...hardly can do anything about it.
  3. Tried warm water, warm water + detergent, zippo lighter fluid...nothing works at all. Im slowly giving up.
  4. Yeah, that's why I used acetone on swab and on small piece at the edge, so I wouldn't ruin it whole. Never heard of Naptha, but I have some Zippo lighter fluid at home, resting. Deff. will try (swab test at first for sure). Also, a bit concerned of how to get rid of the odor smell? Well, ofcourse....I forgot about the easiest thing Deff. will try today! Thought of it, but I think it's not. It was supposed to be resting against some trousers/jacket, no idea what exactly. I asked, but was told "some other clothes". Asked aswell, she said no. And it's been too long already so she could return it to the store, so that's the reason I got involved into this.
  5. So I got this girl, who brought me brand new skirt she bought, and got stained "without doing anything". Her statement was, that she just folded it over a coathanger and store it in the closet, when she wanted to take it off, it was stained like this. Now my question: what are those stains and how am I supposed to remove them? Material is faux leather (face-dirty: polyurethane, inside is polyester). I tried: isopropanol, 70% alcohol, acetone. First two did nothing, while acetone made a huge mess (thank got I tried on a small piece at the edge).
  6. Well, to be honest, I plan to make stacked handle mostly from natural color, while using a few black pieces by the end of the handle in between to add the contrast. But I find it difficulty to burnish it because of the shape, as it's not a good shape for wooden slicker tho. @chuck123wapati: thank you for tips!
  7. Are you interested in shipping overseas? (Europe)
  8. @PastorBob and @chuck123wapati: thank you, both of you! And just a question about finishing touch: what to use to finish the leather? I assume, when I glue it together, I sand it with some 240 grit sandpaper (dremmel), and then use...what? Usually I finish my edges with water + burnished, after it's dried, I just apply Fiebing's pro dye/edge kote and that's it.
  9. it's not exactly white, it's more like yellow-transparent. Gets very tacky quick and I use it for most of my leather projects. @chuck123wapati I appriciate this info, but to be honest, I don't even know what exactly a contact cement is. In Europe, we dont use this term. The blue "MOVI Multikol" glue, I attached earlier, is super simmilar to this glue. If anything helps, tho.. https://www.kemostik.com/neostik-en/products-adhesives/universal-glues/neostik-universal-en/
  10. First attempt was made with epoxy, which turned out pretty bad. I'm generally using this glue as for leather to glue together, should it turn out better?
  11. Is there a leather holster (template), that is IDPA approved for Colt 1911? (and preferably IPSC aswell, but can be 2 different designs)
  12. yeah, but I was just looking for a bluegun, to make it easier. @frodo: the BB gun won't save me any money on this @gatogordo: I saw that, but I'm not sure, how accurate are they. You got any of them printed and tested? (any gun, no need for 1911 in particular)
  13. I think it's bracelet. But no matter the leather beneath the edge, I still think it's some sort of wax/rubber that you somehow "install" to the edge.
  14. Customer wanted me to do some specific edges, as I got this photo for reference. Ever since I used to burnish edges with wooden slicker + water, later on I added pro dye or edge kote, depends what I had at home. But these edges seems to look completely different, anyone got any idea on how to achieve them? Would be really helpful.
  15. 1 week ago exactly at this hour I missed my veins for an inch.
  16. Actually, I'm not working often with this kind of leather, but I also discovered what's best to cut with (so far): fresh new blade from the box. Cuts like a butter, is working for me just perfect tho.
  17. ah, so many words for cow in english :D And yeah, I noticed, I had to cut straps using ruler and stanley knife, it's impossible to use anything else. But still, the leather is a blessing, it's really good one. Did the hot water thing on it, showed no special movement at all, so I don't think its veg. tanned.
  18. Okay, this is very accurate answer of what I was actually looking for Thank you. Yeah, I know about single and double stacked mags, they are popular in IDPA/IPSC. Great, now I know what I need for holsters :D
  19. What's a bovine? and what exactly is milled grain? What's the boil test? Well..that's exactly what I did, but they told me "yeah, we just took this hide at one of the sellers, we don't know which one, nor which exact type of leather this is". I think he said it's veg tan, but not so sure anymore.
  20. I got whole hide of this leather into my hands at the local leather shop, but just after 2 projects I ran out of it. It's a really good one to work with, despite it looks bloddy amazing and comfortable to wear/bend. It's 2.5mm thick (about 6 oz.). Anyone knows, what type of leather this would be? Any help appriciated.
  21. I got an order to make a leather handle for a smaller dagger, but not sure how to do it. I already tried once, but was unsuccessful. I cut out leather circles 40mm (1 1/2"), made a hole in the middle and stacked them together not being shy with epoxy, and squeezed with the end nut. Later on I used dremmel and sandpaper to shape it and used fine grit sandpaper (P240 i think) and used resolene afterwards. The result was so poor, I didn't even took the picture, before I cut it off. Anyone got any better ideas on how to do leather handle as such? Pics for attention. And to show what I got.
  22. Got spare daubers, didn't use any for years, since I keep buying pre-died leather already. If anyone still dyes and needs em, i'd be happy to ship them over. Stored in a dry and clean zip bag. I'm looking for 25€ for all the daubers. Shipping is 10€ flat, worldwide.
  23. Looking for blue guns (doesn't matter the material tho) for Glock 17 and Colt 1911. Located in central Europe.
  24. 1911, yes. I know about the barrel size, but im concerned about the guard. But I hope it's gonna be okay aswell.
  25. Can be same mold used for Colt 1911 and Paraordnance? The gun is actually a copy, but idk about the molds.
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