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  1. Hello Everyone!! I have listed on ebay ID freedom454 some Solid Granite Pieces that will make Terrific Tooling Surface's for tooling Leather.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SOLID-1-5-8TH-034-THICK-GRANITE-TOOLING-SURFACE-FOR-LEATHERCRAFT-PRIORITY-SHIPPING-/121511685041?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT I can get them in a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box and if someone were to buy both I could get them both in one box making the shipping on the second one Free!! I also have some other Much Larger slabs if anyone is in need of a Larger Work area!! I will post some photos... The Measurements are shown in the photos and are L - W & Weight so the 1st photo is 24"L x 14"W & weight is 55lbs I also have some other tools listed there for anyone that interested?? Thanks!! Bill Miles
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR KEN!! and to everyone else as well!! I have been surfing ebay for a long time (1999) and i have seen leather tools sell for a wide range of prices.. Because of today's economy they don't bring as much as they did say 5-7 years ago however the really good tools like Krebs, Randall, Landis and so on still bring top dollar but ebay is an odd forum.. I have seen the Landis 30 listed with a starting bid of $400.00 and no one bids on it then one is listed a week later and a bidding war starts on the used dirty machine and it sold for $1,250.00 this was about a year ago. On average they sell on ebay for anywhere between $600 to $950 but this is for a used machine that may or may not work correctly when you receive it and will most likely at the very least have to have the blade sharpened.. If you were to call any of the major companies that sell used machinery to buy a rebuilt machine it could run you up to $1,950.00.. Your original price for the rebuilt Landis 30 was VERY Fair!! Now a couple of questions?? How much time on average does it take you to redo a machine.. How much would you charge to refurbish one for someone else?? And finally how about making a youtube video on how to use and adjust the machine along with how to properly sharpen the blade and installing it in the splitter Have a Very Safe, Happy & Prosperous New Year!! Bill Miles
  3. Hi Kevin, Photos of what you are selling would help a lot??? Thanks.... Bill
  4. STUPID ME !!!!... And i did read that and it must have gone right over my head D-ogh!!! Thanks for the heads up!!..... Bill
  5. Hi.. I know that you have sold these but i have a question that i hope you can answer?? I see you have listed a Y after the tool number on some of the tools and i have never seen any stamps with any letter after the tool number except for some tools that had an S after the # to denote that they were saddle tools.. These tools were made heavier than the standard tools by the same number for example a P223 then there was a P 223 S both the same tool but the 223 S had a heavier/thicker handle... Thanks.... Bill
  6. Hello Larry, Thanks for asking.. I have 2 of the 3 Baron Harley Davidson stamps one is the #1 H-D Logo stamp #857 and the other one is the Harley Davidson Wings stamp #856.. I will try to take some photo to send you.. I thought i had an extra Baron #209 pot leaf but i don't see it right now and will have to look some more... I have attached 2 auction of H-D stamps that sold on ebay in October 2011 and there are some listed on ebay right now here are the auction numbers, 251097077942, 261056097143 If you want to try any bid on the ones on ebay i can wait however from the attention they are getting after being on for just over 24hours i believe they will go high?? The ones that ended last October were the highest i have seen them go for in awhile.. Thanks for asking.... Bill
  7. Hello Larry, Someone sent me a PM asking about these but they never answered my replies?? Trying to answer that persons question let me here and i see you had sent me a reply in May which i missed and i apologize for not getting back to you sooner!! Yes i still have 2 of the 3 and i believe i also have an extra of the #209 also!! Before you ask me what i am asking for them i want you and whoever else is interested that there is a seller on ebay that has listed Sunday all 3 of the H-D Stamps plus the Marijuana 209 stamp... The sellers ID is proleathercarver... Thanks for asking..... Bill Miles
  8. Hello Dink, I hope you have found these by now but i see you have received some recent attention and interest so i just want to say if you or anyone is looking for these please let me know as i have extras of the alphabet sets and many other tools also... Take Care....... Bill
  9. Hello Everyone.... Awhile back i posted that i had some Barontool Co. Harley Davidson stamps that i was going to sell on ebay!! The reason i am posting this now is someone sent me a PM asking if i still had them and i sent them 3 replies but have yet to receive any reply back?? Anyway i have 2 extra Baron H-D stamps that i will be listing soon.. I have list below 2 of the replies i sent so you will see what i sent them so be sure to scroll all the way down... Before anyone send me messages stating i am asking too much i will say that anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay no matter how much you think it is worth or want.. That being said i have seen these stamps sell as low as $35-45 and as high as $245.00 it just depends if the buyers willing to pay are looking when you are selling?? Actually if / when i list these i may set the buy it now higher?? If anyone wants them make me an offer I also have a Craftool Co. pre letter 886 Masonic Logo i will be selling also... Thanks for reading my post Take Care..... Bill Thanks for looking Bill Miles First reply -----Original Message----- From: casull45450 <casull45450@netscape.net> To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Sat, Jun 23, 2012 3:05 am Subject: Re: Harley Stamps Hello xxxxx, I actually have 2 of the 3 that i was planing on listing on ebay in the near future... The one is the #1 Logo tool number 857 and the other one is the Wings i have attached a photo of this stamp so you can see which one it is as there are 2 different Winged HD stamps.. If i list these i would be listing them each with a starting bid of $55.00 and a buy it now of $85.00 In better times i have started these at $85.00 with the buy it now at $125.00 and i have see a fellow iilg member pay $245.00 for one on ebay.. If i haven't scared you off make an offer... Thanks for asking!! Bill Miles Second reply Check out the two auction i have listed the numbers for below plus look at the two photos i have attached... I hope they open for you.. Take Care... Bill Miles 261023321783 190669590555
  10. Hello Everyone, I have some tools listed on ebay but 3 are printers type that could be used on leather!! One is the Logo for the Boys Club of America one is the Logo for the Boy Scouts of America and the other is the Zodiac Calendar.. I have photos in the listings that show what an actual impression made for each one looks like.. Thanks Bill Ebay ID freedom454
  11. Hello Everyone, I had been trying to sign in since last Friday and sent 3 help messages without any reply until today?? Anyway i am here now and i would like to let everyone know that i have some Barontool LA stamps listed on ebay using the ID freedom454 The stamps are all 3 of the Harley-Davidson stamps that Baron made plus one of the Marijuana (Pot Leaf) stamps #209 i have attached the photos so that you can see what they look like here Also if you are in need of any other 2D-3D or any other stamps made by Craftool or The Leather Factory before they took over Tandy or any other of the tools made by Barontool Co. Please contact me... Thanks Bill Miles
  12. Thank you! Frank for your quick reply to my question.. Will either of these stick to clothing in hot weather?? Thanks Again Bill
  13. Hello, I would like to know what would be the best method to slick the back of a belt so that it will have a professional look and will not bleed off onto the clothing.. What finishes to use and the best method to apply them ?? At this time i am not able to line the back so i would like to slick it but the only info i have been able to find is on slicking the edges.. Thanks in Advance Bill
  14. Hello Topcat.. I am just seeing this now and i would like to be put on your list for new blades (2)... Thanks Bill
  15. Hello All, I believe i posted this in the wrong forum so i am posting it again here!! Hello Everyone, I have a Krebs Style Splitter that is in great condition but is missing the main spring... Does anyone know where i might be able to find one?? Thanks in Advance Bill
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