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    Working with Leather, Woodworking, Metalworking, Target Shooting, Hunting, Camping, Collecting whatever attracts my interest!!

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Hello to whoever decides to view my profile!!

The photo is me during one of our camping events where we were playing this game where we wore those caps that had velcro on a target area and the fuzzy balls were thrown at you and you would have to try and catch it with your head!!

I have been a member since 2008 but i started working with leather in the early 1970's when i became half owner of a small retail store in a local shopping center called The Bazaar of All Nations located in Clifton Heights, Pa. and it was BAZAAR!!

We sold replicas of the old black powder firearms and as such i started making some of my own leather accessories which lead to making other leather items such as holsters but making hand tools belts became our best sellers.

In 1984 i sold my half of the business and returned to the full time job i was working nights before giving it up in 1977 to work my store full time. From 84 to 98 i didn't do anything with leather until my Wife decided to learn how to play the guitar and of course she just had to have a hand tooled guitar strap so i had to dust off my tools and make her a strap!! This was no easy task as Tandy had closed all of the retail outlets in my area and the wholesale dealer i used to buy from in Philadelphia, Pa had also just sold out closed D-ogh!! Well Gina finally got her strap and i had to make a few more after others had seen Gina's. Gina was hoping that i would continue working with leather but it seemed that every time i made plans Life decide it had other plans for me. The job i had closed 04/26/04 & on 04/30/04 my Wife Gina died suddenly and without warning at home. As of this writing i am not doing any leather work as Life has thrown me yet another curve but i hope and pray that i will recover and make use of all my tools once again.. One of my primary goals is that with Gods help i might someday be able to teach kids how to work with leather..

If there are any members of this group living in the Philadelphia, Pa, Delaware County, Pa area please give me a shout!!


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