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  1. Northlift

    Finishing Edges

    Hey! Thanks so much for this tutorial. I'm trying to figure out how to finish the edges on my belts - edge kote LOOKS the best but I know it wont last long on the tongue of my belts - lots of action and bending happening there. I want to do the dying method here, but don't know how to flatten out the issue with my edges - I use an upholstery leather as my interior liner, and I while I can get the main piece of sole bend nice and smooth, theres always separation between the belt and the liner. Anyone have any ideas as to what I could do? Thanks so much!
  2. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    What an order, thanks so much for your help!
  3. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    So you dyed, resolene, tool, paint, coat with supersheen, (extra on white and light colours), then antiqued the entire piece? Or did it section by section? How long do you leave the antique before removing? Thanks so much for helping me out!
  4. Northlift

    4" Seamless Roller Buckle

    change his shipping setup to ship to Canada, possibly international as well for those outside North America Thanks! Cheers Are you sure? I ordered my double and single prong from you guys, they are both seamed. The seam splits and the roller bends over time.
  5. Northlift

    High Quality Belt Buckles Needed

    I'm looking for SEAMLESS roller buckles, 2.5 inch and 4. I've looked everywhere... Any ideas?
  6. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    That is incredible... Absolutely nuts, and the white is so clean! Do you paint on top of the supersheen? Do you use the resolene just as a dye holder, not as a resist? I'm guessing you use the neutral stuff? In that piece, did u use black antique, dark, or a mix of both? Thanks so much!
  7. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    Sounds like people dont like eco-flo haha. I use either supersheen or angelus acrylic finisher, my most recent attempt I did 3 layers, to no avail. I have definitely noticed a damp paper towel helps more than dry.
  8. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    Haha, I've tried before. He rarely answers to me. Maybe trade secrets he doesn't want to give away. Repainting it after it is finished and antiqued sounds like it wouldn't hold on the finish....
  9. Northlift

    White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    Would you recommend a different antique? I'm considering angelus.
  10. Hello everyone! I've searched through the forums for an answer to my issue, but couldn't find anything so here goes! If it has been answered elsewhere, my apologies for starting a new thread. I'm new here and am constantly trying to improve my skills and tooling/painting on my weightlifting belts. My most recent endeavor is trying to figure out how to make my white paint remain white after antiquing. I tool, dye, paint (angelus acrylic), then coat with 1 or 2 coats of angelus acrylic finisher. I use black antique mostly because it goes with anything, the more natural tones don't fit in with my work. Basically, as you can guess, the black antique doesn't come off clean enough, and leaves a nasty tone on the white. I use Eco flo gel antique. See attached, an idol of mine's great work - and how white his paint comes out after finishing! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!